Choosing Where to Part Your Hair

Right or Left

Though it can be easy to become comfortable with our current hair parting – some of us may even prefer one over another – changing up your parting can help enhance how it suits your facial structure and even turn back the clock! A change could even refresh your appearance!

For an accurate natural parting, start by brushing out all tangles from your mane and using a comb to locate any back cowlicks (if present). This should indicate where your hair naturally separates; from there, you can comb down and around this spot, until you find straight or diagonal lines where your locks naturally lay.

Right-side parted hair typically indicates masculine traits like assertiveness; conversely, left-side parting shows compassion and sensitivity.


Parting your hair differently can significantly impact how your face appears; it can lengthen your features, emphasize cheekbones, or even take years off of your appearance. A middle part is ideal for lengthening features while framing facial features.

Scarlett Johansson started this trend when she donned a middle part with curtain bangs at the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. This look looked lovely on her, emphasizing her eyes while providing a flattering effect for facial features such as cheekbones.

Training your hair to do so will require some adjustment if it does not naturally fall in the center. Colombini suggests introducing your locks into this new position while they’re wet – using pomade or smoothing serum as motivation can give the part a lasting change.


A classic side part is an eye-catching style that works with natural hair or heavier products like wax and gel. To achieve it, lift the tail of your comb near one eyebrow, lift it sideways to one side of your head near another eyebrow, and then pull back toward your crown in either an upward sweeping motion or diagonal movement. A side part works wonders to balance square and triangular faces and works particularly well when combined with bangs.

Parting your hair on the side can create an eye-catching effect. For an extra dramatic side part, eyeball the center of your hairline and place your finger somewhere about 2-3 inches (5.1-7.6 cm) from it.

A deep side part is an eye-catching way to add flair and emphasize your cheekbones while softening harsh facial lines. While only suitable for some, testing this look before deciding should ensure it looks its best on you. To maintain its polished appearance, occasionally use dry shampoo on your locks to eliminate excess oil build-up, and keep looking your best!


Your favorite hair part provides comfort, but you can change things up in numerous ways and add something new to the mix. Varying up your position can keep things interesting while helping keep your look current and preventing unnecessary tension from breaking hair off from continuous stress.

Start with clean, damp hair (towel-dried or rinsed), free from yesterday’s product. For optimal results, create your new part while your locks are still wet, as this will allow easier styling.

Start by parting your hair into two equal sections above your ears and combing the top section forward, using the tail end of your comb to mark where you want your new part to start along the forehead. If you have bangs, comb them towards this mark so they fall on it, and then repeat this process with both sides to form a zig-zag hair part that should resemble something between a pompadour and side-swept style.