Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Weightless Crystal-Embellished Comb

Wedding hairstyles should reflect your style and complement the overall aesthetic of the day. Brides often select accessories, such as this weightless crystal-embellished comb, to complete their ensemble.

Classic Chignon with Exquisite Braid

A classic chignon is a timeless choice for a wedding hairstyle. This example features an exquisite braid for added charm and loose front sections for a more relaxed vibe.

Braided Crown or Wreath

Braided crown or wreath hairstyles make adorable and easy options for a wedding hairstyle. They pair beautifully with floral headpieces. To create this style, make several small to medium-sized braids in a circle, add some hair elastics for stability, and you’re good to go! Another option is to wear a heavily teased crown, creating an elegant bridal-like aesthetic, perfect for formal events or intimate garden weddings.

Sleek Ponytail for Short Hair

Even if you have short hair, you can still look stylish for your wedding by pulling back your strands into a sleek ponytail and accessorizing with eye-catching jewelry. You can also emulate actress Greta Gerwig’s style and wear an updo with curtain bangs for added effect!

High Pompadour for Classic Buns

The high pompadour is an excellent choice for elevating your classic bun. It combines sweet, street, and chic elements into one look ideal for any wedding theme or level of formality. Pinning back some tendrils can make any updo more whimsical and beautiful for your special occasion.

Twisted Bun with Flowers

Consider styling your locks into a low twisted bun for an elegant wedding hairstyle that still exudes boho style. This chic style works best when naturally textured and can be adorned with beautiful flowers or vines for an eye-catching bridal look.

Waterfall Braids for a Striking Look

Waterfall braids are another stunning option for a bridal hairstyle. Starting in front and gradually working backward, loose pieces cascade down your sides for an eye-catching half-up, half-down look.

Sleek Tight Bun for Short Hair

A sleek, pulled-back tight bun is a timeless hairstyle for short hair. This versatile style can be paired with an eye-catching flower crown or vintage headpiece for an ensemble perfect for hot and cold climates.

Kate Middleton Updo

The Duchess of Cambridge is known for her exquisite blowouts and half updos, especially those featuring longer bangs or layers for bridal looks. To achieve a similar look, apply a heat protectant to your hair, curl small sections toward your face, and secure them with bobby pins. Complete the style with an elegant tiara or veil. This updo works best on brides with medium to thick-textured hair.

Issa Rae’s High Ponytail

A high ponytail is a fantastic choice if you want a wedding hairstyle that keeps your locks out of your face while still showcasing your facial features. It works perfectly in any setting and event. You can take inspiration from Gwen Stefani’s signature sky-high half-up ponytail with a short veil and silk bow for a combination of punk rock style and bridal glamour. Alternatively, you can opt for a retro bubble ponytail, as seen on Issa Rae, for a unique and adorable look.