Top 5 Pro-Approved Ways to Wear Long Hair

Large Curls: Create an elegant and romantic look with large curls that frame your face. This timeless style can work for all hair textures and be enhanced with embellishments for added glam.

Twisted Bun: The twisted bun is a great go-to style when you’re short on time. It keeps your hair out of the way and provides easy protection from flyaways or kinks. Form a loose ponytail and twist each section around itself towards the bun’s base. Tuck any remaining ends underneath to hide them away.

Middle Part: Add an elegant twist to your ponytail or man-bun with a central part. This style adds flair and complements any facial structure or hair texture. Use tools like rat tail combs or hairspray to create a clean and sharp division. Styling products can help keep strands looking sleek and voluminous.

Fishtail Braid: Fishtail braids are a classic style often seen on red carpets. To achieve this timeless look, part your hair where desired and divide it into two even sections. Instead of adding new units, pull small areas from outside the front half and incorporate them into the back half. Continue this pattern down your braid and secure it with a hair tie.

Low Ponytail: For an air of royalty, try a low ponytail. This simple yet elegant style pairs beautifully with formal dresses or casual summer outfits. Use texturizing spray and a curling wand to create soft beach waves before securing the ponytail. Add a tortoiseshell clip or ribbon for extra flair.

These top 5 pro-approved long hairstyles are perfect for any occasion. You’ll look stylish and sophisticated whether you choose large curls, a twisted bun, a middle part, a fishtail braid, or a low ponytail.