7 Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair That Are Heat-Free

Are you searching for heat-free methods of styling your locks to achieve lush, voluminous curls? Look no further! This comprehensive tutorial will offer seven simple techniques for beautiful, voluminous coils.


Braids are an excellent solution for a luxurious, long-term wavy style without curling tongs. Customize the number and size of the braids to create different types of curls. Larger braids will produce looser waves, while smaller braids will create tighter coils. Start with slightly damp hair, apply leave-in conditioner and moisturizing hair oil, then braid your hair into two to four large braids. Leave the braids in overnight to achieve natural-looking wavy locks.

Barrel Curls

Barrel curls provide a timeless and sophisticated appeal. Select a barrel size appropriate to your hair length – larger barrels create looser coils, while smaller barrels produce tighter ones. Wrap small sections of hair around a styling wand’s barrel, hold for several seconds, then release. This versatile method can be styled in multiple ways, such as soft beach waves or a textured updo.


Twists are a versatile protective style option that works on all curly textures. Choose between flat twists or single-strand twists for definition. Ensure your hair is clean and detangled before twisting. Use a curl-enhancing gel for sleek and defined twists. Unravel your twists gently to prevent frizz and maintain their shape.


Hairspray can be an invaluable asset in keeping curls intact all day long. Use a light mist to avoid stickiness and ensure your circles maintain their shape. Ouidad’s hairspray is specifically formulated for curly hair, providing flexible hold without crunch or dryness. It protects against frizz while locking in moisture, keeping your curls in place while improving elasticity and suppleness.