Hairstyle Tips For Type 2A and 2B Wavy hair Patterns

Type 2A

– Type 2A wavy hair has loose S-shaped curls that lie flat against the scalp and form loose S-shapes at the ends.

– Use light styling products such as mousses and gels that won’t weigh down the hair.

– Apply products to wet hair to define and absorb waves.

– Use a diffuser to create natural-looking styles.

Type 2B

– Type 2B waves have well-defined and moderately dense waves that vary in width from roots to ends, creating texture and volume.

– Use gentle shampoo and conditioner products to tame frizz and kinks.

– Avoid heavy hydration products and opt for lightweight leave-in or in-shower conditioners.

– Use apple cider vinegar rinse or clarifying shampoo monthly to prevent product buildup.

Type 2C

– Type 2C waves have a defined S shape that starts at the roots and forms thick natural waves.

– These waves require professional styling to look their best.

– Use lightweight styling products to avoid frizz and weigh down the waves.

– Hydrate the scalp and hair by reducing the frequency of washing and applying moisturizing conditioners and treatments.

Type 3

– Wavy hair of type 3 requires extra attention to hydration and frizz control.

– Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners that won’t weigh down the hair.

– Opt for styling products such as Mousse to enhance volume.

– Type 3A waves are looser and softer, allowing for layering heavier styling products for added volume.