Warm Brown Hair Colors

If you’re ready to spice up your brunette locks, experiment with warm brown hues that complement your skin’s undertones. Gigi Hadid’s golden chestnut highlights complement her complexion while drawing attention to her eyes.

Add subtle highlights to your classic dark espresso shade with ashy baby lights for an eye-catching, low-maintenance hair color trend that pairs perfectly with peachier or warmer complexions.

Cappuccino Balayage Highlights

Chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights is an understated style that works on most complexions. Lighter caramel shades may look best if your skin tone is warm or golden; for something darker and less prominent, consider honey-brown hues instead.

Soft and subtle, this balayage blend from rich chestnut to cool cappuccino is ideal for women with cooler skin tones. The rich hue complements olive skin tones while accentuating jewel-toned eyes, while the seamless transition means fewer touch-ups!

Blonde and Gold Face-Framing Strands

Add a modern, stylish edge to your brown locks by framing them with face-framing strands of blonde and gold hues, such as those in this look. These warm tones add depth and dimension to wavy or curly brunette hair and warmth and dimension to your features – an ideal look for anyone seeking stylish sophistication without going over the top.

Chunky Blonde Highlights

Chunky blonde highlights may be the way to go if you want to lighten your brown hair without making an extreme change. They create an appealing contrast by adding sun-kissed highlights that frame and emphasize cheekbones.

Warm caramel and golden blonde are great shades to compliment brown hair, adding depth and dimension. Additionally, subtle red highlights create an eye-catching and dynamic finish on any skin tone.

Ash-Blonde Highlights

For an eye-catching color combination, add ash-blonde highlights to your brown hair for an eye-catching high-contrast look. This shade will enhance your dark brown locks and make you appear seductive while drawing attention to your solid cheekbones and jawline.

Natural Ombre

An eye-catching combination of dark brown ombre with platinum blonde tips looks mesmerizing on long bob hair, making the mix an ideal accompaniment to lady suits. If you aren’t quite ready to commit fully, ask your stylist to add a hint of this hue on the ends for now.

Subtle ombre hair color options like this one are perfect for women looking to try the trend but are nervous about going too light. Hand-painted techniques like balayage provide a natural-looking transition.

Caramel or Honey Ombre

If you want something brighter, opt for caramel or honey ombre. It looks great on all lengths and will give your hair that sun-kissed appearance; plus, you can switch up the shade whenever your mood strikes!

Blonde Balayage

If you have natural brown hair and would like a subtle transition, ask your stylist to add buttery blonde highlights throughout. This look is soft, warm, and flattering on all complexions and undertones.

Brunettes can take advantage of this stylish look to achieve a lighter, less brassy blonde shade without fully committing to balayage.

Golden and Caramel Blonde Balayage

Brunettes with long locks will love this gorgeous balayage color featuring golden and caramel blonde shades, the ideal solution for long wavy hair that appears chic yet effortless. It looks lovely when styled into a sleek ponytail or loose, voluminous waves – an eye-catching look!

Chocolate Balayage

Women with warm golden or olive skin (autumn and winter colors) can bring out rich chocolate brown hues in their hair with this chocolate brown balayage style, transitioning smoothly from a dark brunette to a cappuccino for reduced touchups!

Chocolate balayage is an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your look. Balayage allows stylists to paint in highlights without bleaching all your hair – leading to less damage and creating more natural-looking shades than bleaching could.

This chocolate balayage is ideal for brunettes looking to add subtle dimension to their locks. With copper and chocolate brown highlights that pop with color to give an exciting, vibrant edge – pair your balayage with loose, beachy waves for maximum impact!