Viking Hairstyles For Men

Most people associate Vikings with long, flowing hair. Yet depictions from art and texts at the time show men wearing different hairstyles than just long locks. Try one of these Viking hairstyles if you want to look your best for an upcoming costume party.


Inspired by the Vikings TV show and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor hairstyle, the Viking style is currently trending among men. To adopt it yourself, opt for back-braiding instead of regular man bun or ponytail hairstyles. Braids are a mainstay in many Viking styles and can be worn in various ways to add texture and flair. You could wear one long braid down your back, or sport cornrows all around for an eye-catching look! Braids add both texture and swagger to any look! This look can be achieved quickly; it requires long enough locks to tie into a high topknot and moisturize them regularly to maintain healthy and beautiful waves.

Ragnar Lothbrok

Ragnar Lothbrok is one of the main characters from the hit TV show Vikings and is widely recognized for his unique hairstyle, which includes a thick braid running down his center parting, as well as his short beard and facial hair. This masculine look complements any face shape well. Ragnar, a legendary Viking leader who became well-known through Old Norse sagas, poetry, and medieval Latin sources as an epic warrior spanning Scandinavia, France, and England, is remembered fondly by historians and storytellers for over one millennium. His exploits remain captivating narratives that continue to inform our modern lives today. His name translates to “Ragnar Hairy-breeches.” He was famous for boiling his cowhide trousers and cape in tar to protect himself from poisonous snakes. He married Thora, Kraka, and Aslaug, with whom he fathered Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside, Hvitserk Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ubba as his children.

Viking Braids

Vikings often wore their hair in tight braids, which may have been effective when entering battle or performing work. Both men and women engaged in this practice; archaeological finds have provided several examples. One can accomplish this look in several ways, from using one full braid down the back or two tight braids at either side, ending in a ponytail at the base of the neck, and teasing up top for a mohawk effect. This style is ideal for men looking for a professional yet distinct Viking look in their day job, or who need to keep long hair off their faces while working or outdoors.

Viking Mohawk

Whether you want to resemble Ragnar or add an edge, a mohawk will help achieve this effect. Easy to grow out, its style matches most outfits well and will turn heads around you! Another easy and quick way to accomplish the Viking look is braiding long hair in an intricate braid style, whether loose or tight, depending on your preferences. Braiding can also help address awkward chin-length phases while growing out hair for a full Viking effect. Mix the two signature styles above to achieve something genuinely original. For instance, pairing a half ponytail with an undercut could produce a classic warrior vibe while still feeling modern and looking fabulous.

Viking Knot

As seafarers, Vikings knew just how dangerous life could be. Their lives were tied inextricably to nature’s unpredictable forces, and they believed fate controlled everything. Therefore, amulets engraved with divine symbols such as amulet necklaces worn as pendants, stitched onto clothing or shields stitched onto clothing or shields stitched on securities, or even carved into longships gave Vikings strength to face challenges ahead. One such symbol was the Valknut, a knot representing fallen warriors brought back to Valhalla by Odin’s Valkyries to fight at Ragnarok. Another was the boar motif, representing fertility, abundance, and prosperity. Both these knotwork motifs are similar to Celtic triquetras used as Christian symbols of the Holy Trinity; however, there are some key distinctions.