Updos For Short Hair

Chic Updos Without Length Requirement

Do not require hair to engulf your shoulders to create a chic updo; pull your locks back casually and twist into a pretty chignon at the nape of your neck.

Create a Small Bouffant Look

Create a small bouffant look by teasing your strands to form an updo suitable for weddings and formal events by knocking and tousling the locks into an updo with small bouffants.

Options for Below-the-Shoulder Lengths

While those with longer locks can easily twist, braid, and pin their locks however they please, those with below-the-shoulder lengths often struggle to find cute updo styles that work with their shorter strands. However, plenty of gorgeous updos can be achieved using just a few bobby pins, offering short lengths and plenty of options when it comes to creating stunning updos for special occasions or simply keeping stray hairs out of their eyes.

Pin Curl Updos

Pin curl updos are one of the classic, fast, and stylish updos you can create quickly. Perfect for formal events and wedding gowns, use a curling iron to create lovely spirals before gathering them at the back and securing them with bobby pins for an updo that will turn heads!

Side Braided Updos

Side braided updos offer another quick solution for formal events, making an impressive statement about you and your style. Create a small braid in sections of hair before looping them up around your scalp and pinning them into place – and enjoy compliments for this beautiful updo!

Space Buns

Space buns, another fun and modern style popular during the 1990s, are an easy and fun way to add texture and dimension to your style. Divide your hair into two sections, twist them up, and fold them over on themselves before using some bobby pins to secure it before spraying it with hairspray for a chic finish.

Elegant Romantic Evening Updo

For an elegant romantic evening out, this updo is ideal. It keeps stray hairs from your face while adding romance and femininity. To achieve this look, twirl your hair in the middle before tucking it loosely into a low bun secured with bobby pins.

Side Braids

Braids make the ideal second-day hair solution, as they help keep strands off your face while still looking chic. Braids also add personality and flair to your look beyond classic bohemian fishtail or mermaid braids that have become increasingly popular recently. Mastering braids may prove challenging at first; therefore, watching a tutorial or consulting a vlogger experienced with how they should be performed correctly for guidance may be beneficial.

Half Crown Braid

Try the half-crown braid as an effortless updo that looks fun, romantic, and feminine – creating an ethereal yet romantic aesthetic that makes you feel beautiful! Plus, it keeps hair out of the way during important meetings or video calls with colleagues!

Use Flowers or hair Accessories to Accent Updos

Add romanticism and personality to a chic updo by using flowers or hair accessories to accent it. For instance, when attending a wedding reception, you could place roses into your braids to match your bridal gown and flower crown; or add playful accessories like tassels and beads for more playful looks.

Incorporate Braids into Updos

You can incorporate braids into an updo for short hair, from adding side waterfall braids for an elegant yet effortless style to wearing them throughout the day. Bridesmaids especially may appreciate having this option at their fingertips!

Side Dutch Braid

Put on a side Dutch braid to give your everyday look some dimension and change its style! Perfect for casual days or when looking your best, this effortless look can easily be accomplished using just some bobby pins and hair clips.

French Braids

A beautiful braid is a staple in every girl’s hairstyle repertoire and can make for lovely updos with short hair. If you need a quick yet elegant updo solution, opt for French braiding: create two opposing braids starting at your parting or braid just some strands from straight or wavy hair to achieve this look. It will produce an adorable yet soft updo style!

Crown French Braid

Try a crown French braid for an intricate, queenly appearance. This elegant updo can make the perfect statement at special events; its easy application will look gorgeous against custom hair colors that suit any outfit or personality.

Add Flair and Drama to Updos

Add some flair and drama to your updo by tease-rooting your hair for a poufy and voluptuous finish or twisting it into a slight bouffant for a more sophisticated style that suits any event.

Elegant Updos for Thin Hair

Even thin hair can create an elegant updo with just a few twists and pins, like this stunning example: it’s simple, attractive, and beautifully emphasizes your neck’s slim shape!

Alternative Updo for Thin Hair

An alternative way of creating an updo with thin hair is to tease its roots and twist the locks around each other in a flat bun at the back of your head, using decorative bobby pins for an eye-catching finish.

Updos for Bob-Length Manes

People with bob-length manes can also achieve an elegant updo with just a few twists of their fur. Take inspiration from Carey Mulligan and style your hair into an exquisite updo that features twists. Add flowers for a feminine look suitable for any special event!

Effortlessly Stylish Updo

There is no need for an elaborate chignon to achieve an effortlessly elegant updo for short hair! Pull some strands into a low updo and leave the rest loose to achieve an effortlessly stylish updo that shows off your slim neck and complements any dress or outfit you wear.


Chignons are one of the most effortless updos for short hair, providing an elegant updo without being overly complicated for women who only have a little time to prepare. Ideal for office looks or formal events alike, these charming hairstyles will surely impress friends and coworkers.

Creating a Chignon

To create a chignon, gather all your hair at the base of your neck into a low piled updo and pin it in place. For an added glamorous touch, crystal pins may be added throughout your bun for extra glittery shine. Add curls for a fuller and voluminous effect if your locks have curly locks.

Chignons with Headbands

Add an elevated touch to your chignon by accessorizing with a headband. This accessory helps keep hair out of your face and away from bangs that get in the way. A chignon with a headband makes an impressive statement at formal events like weddings or black-tie parties.

Chignons with Waves

For an elegant updo for wavy hair, large waves give it more fullness and luxuriousness.

Braids and Chignons Combination

Combine braids and chignons into a bouffant crown using braided hair extensions and chignons for an even more dramatic updo. This style works particularly well on short bob and pixie haircuts; if you have more time, you could even add accessories like crystal pins for an additional glamorous touch!

Other Easy Updo Options

If chignons aren’t your cup of tea, other easy updos work great with short hair besides them, like top knots and small braided updos. Add flowers or small stars for an elegant finish – but always use hair oil on any loose strands, and get regular haircuts to prevent split ends!