Updo Hairstyles For Black Women

Black women have many gorgeous options when it comes to updo hairstyles for special events, from braided bobs and pixie length coils to voluptuous afros. These stunning updos can make prom, weddings and any other important milestone memorable events.

Add an Eye-Catching Flair with an Asymmetrical Roll

Make your protective style stand out with this intricate asymmetrical roll style. Your braider can combine flat twists with cornrows for an exquisite effect.

Showcase Your Natural Hair Textures with a Braided Bun

If you prefer natural hair textures without heat-stretching them, this braided updo is a beautiful way to showcase them. Smooth down edges using Edge Control product and tuck loose tendrils into a low bun for an elegant yet effortlessly chic style.

Create an Elegant Space Bun Updo

Create an updo that suits any special event with this elegant space bun style. Part your hair at the center before creating two high ponytails and loosely wrapping them around one another for thicker results.

Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s – The Volume-Boosting Updo

This gorgeous updo hairstyle was inspired by the protagonist in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, making it an excellent option for black women with afro-textured locks due to its added volume.

Add Feminine and Romantic Flair with a Braided Crown

Crown braids can make for an eye-catching updo hairstyle for black women seeking something feminine and romantic, as well as adding volume to their locks. French braid sections from each side of your head, securing them with bobby pins and accessorizing with a scarf if desired.

Elegant Twisted Marley Bun for Special Events

If you enjoy Marley twists, this elegant style may be for you. Featuring jumbo Marley twists in black and red colors, this updo is perfect for summer and special events like proms or weddings.

Poofy Ombre Ponytail for Formal Events

This hair updo is ideal for proms and other formal events, featuring a thick faux hawk with lined details and tight curls pulled back into a ponytail. Add accessories like flowers to accentuate its beauty.

Chic Low Braided Bun for a Sophisticated Office Look

This chic updo features a low braided bun adorned with colorful hair clips for an attractive yet sophisticated office look.

Elegant Whirlpool Braid for Short Curly Bobs

A whirlpool braid adds elegance and protection to your everyday look, especially for black women with short curly bobs. Complete the look by accessorizing with colorful hair accessories.

High-Waisted Updo for All hair Types

No matter your hair type, this high-waisted updo will help you step out in confidence. Its chic and sophisticated appearance is enhanced by dangling curls.

Striking Updo with Feeder French Braids

Celebrate your African heritage with this striking updo for black women. Two feeder French braids are twisted into a chignon and secured with pins to create this elegant style. The stylish bulky side swoop adds an element of sexiness.