Up Do Hairstyles For Work and Formal Events

Long Hair Updos

Long hair gives you plenty of options for creating chic updos, from sleek high ponytails and elegant buns, to braids that work for formal events or work environments.

Medium hair Updos

Medium hair makes the ideal material for casual yet chic updos, including intentionally messy styles to add volume and movement, or leaving some loose strands framing your face.


The Pompadour is a timeless men’s hairstyle that exudes sophistication and class. Additionally, this look can be enhanced by adding a quiff for added dimension and refinement.

Braided Ponytail

If you want to elevate your everyday style, a braided ponytail is a simple and charming choice that’s easy and adorable. Perfect for jeans and T-shirt combos as well as formal occasions.


When you want to experiment with something out-of-the-box, opt for a plaited style that pairs well with your dress. Medium to long hair length is necessary toto achieve this elegant updo consisting of double French braids woven together and wound into a bun.

French Twist

This year, French Twist is returning as an effective office-style statement. No salon appointment is necessary: Ensure your hair receives regular deep conditioning treatment to keep its resilience intact so any updo you try stays in place securely.


Casual updos aren’t complete without adding braids to their style. From chunky crown braids to tight, thin braids that complement your bun, braids are essential in adding eye-catching texture and dimension to your look.

Half Up Half Down

Half-up hairstyles are ideal for formal events as they create an elegant swept-back finish without securing all your locks back into their roots. Achieve this traditional look with this braided half-up style for medium-length hair.