Undercut Pixie Styles For Men

Pixie styles are popular among women and men for many reasons, but what makes them so versatile? For starters, this style is fun and flirty, with its side-swept bangs that sweep almost to the chin on one side. The opposite side features a sharp undercut above the ear. Its short length and layered style make it very versatile and fun to wear. You can also use a flat iron to give your pixie an effortless wave.

For a more feminine look, opt for undercut pixie styles. These styles feature long bangs and layered hair that is cropped in the back. To achieve this look, go for thick, wavy hair that is naturally brown. Undercut pixies are stylish when styled with blonde or “bronde” colored tresses. They can also be styled differently with different hair colors, and brunettes can look sassy with an undercut pixie.


A choppy pixie cut is great for everyday wear and can easily be recreated at home. Whether you have thick or thin hair, you can choose to wear the pixie on the side or back to avoid the ‘no-no’ look. You can also experiment with your style by adding bangs, voluminous layers, or a sleek fringe. This style works well for those looking to add texture and color variation.