How to Undercut Medium Hair

Undercuts are a versatile style that can achieve numerous looks. The key is choosing an undercut that suits your face shape and hair type.


When selecting an undercut for medium hair, consider factors like hair texture and face shape. For those with curly or coarse locks who want volume-boosting designs with spikes and texture, spiky designs are excellent. Another option is rolling styles that feature undercut sides and back while leaving the top central section longer, providing a sophisticated masculine appearance. Thin or medium-length hair can try a smooth, slicked-back style for a sleek and sophisticated look. Mohawk undercut styles with shaved strips on one side can look chic, especially with bold colors like metallic purple or silvery grey hues.

Face Shape

For those with a round face shape, opting for an undercut with a high skin fade can make the face appear angular and chiseled. Side fringes can also add visual interest and divert attention from broad foreheads. Heart-shaped face shapes should emphasize the narrower portion of their faces through comb overs, quiffs, faux hawks, slick backs, or undercuts. Oblong face shapes can offset their width by wearing a fringe with a short pomp style or adding a brushed edge with a short pomp style. Tapered or low-fade haircuts may also widen temple areas.

Hair Length

Medium hair offers flexibility for various undercut styles. You can place the shaved part on one side while leaving the top longer or use different textures and colors to accentuate different lengths and strands. Adding volume with spiky textures and detailing with shaved designs can create an intriguing and bold look for thin locks.

Undercut Pixie Haircut

An undercut pixie cut is a stunning option for medium-length hair, perfect for androgynous looks. This cut creates a feminine shock of blond hair falling onto the face. Adding designs on the shaved part can add flair and make the style even more eye-catching.


Undercuts for medium hair require less upkeep than longer styles but still allow for personalization. However, regular trims are needed to maintain its shape. Aim to get the undercut trimmed every two weeks. Use shampoo and conditioner that support healthy hair growth to expand the undercut.