A Bold Undercut Hairstyle For Girls

1. Simple Shaved Undercut

If you want a bold yet chic ‘do, try this eye-catching cut featuring long sections of hair separated by short shaved sides. This style makes a statement while being easy to conceal if desired. It also features an inverted V shaved into the back of the head, leaving room for intricate designs.

2. Customizable Shaved Undercut

This bold Mohawk-inspired style is perfect for women who want to add masculine touches while remaining feminine. It features a shaved part emphasizing red cheetah-esque patterns to show off your wild side and draw attention.

3. Shaved Undercut with Geometric Design

Women looking to show their artistic side can consider adding geometric-shaped shaved designs at the nape of their neck. This eye-catching fashion statement looks sophisticated and chic, with a mysterious appeal.

4. Shaved Undercut with Sunflower Design

This cute undercut for platinum blondes adds edge with an intricate design mimicking sunflower flowers. The lines and meaning behind the pattern add depth and mystery to the look.

5. Shaved Undercut with Blonde Layers

Try this hidden undercut idea if you love adding creative details to your look. It features a striking shaved pattern on the nape, suitable for blonde hair types. A chevron-shaped undercut is both stylish and versatile, working with most images.

6. Shaved Undercut with Long Blonde Layers

Women with long hair can add a touch of tomboy style by shaving the nape area of their neck. Some even shave it in an eye-catching pattern or give it fresh colors. An undercut in a bold shade of blonde completes the look with the help of hair pomade.

7. Shaved Undercut with Leather Detail

Undercut trends have become popular among girls, adding an eye-catching element to any ensemble. This feminine undercut, with a dash of purple color, is perfect for bold but conservative occasions.

8. Shaved Undercut with Turquoise Color

Add dimension and flair to a bold undercut by dying it! Even a hint of hue, such as ashy turquoise, can transform a simple pixie into a statement-making hairdo. An intricate shaved pattern adds feminine charm.

9. Shaved Undercut with Black Hair

Black women can pull off an undercut hairstyle without looking masculine, thanks to its feminine appeal and styling options like braids or cornrows. The shaved sides draw attention to the spiky texture of a shortcut, perfect for showing off personality.