Women’s Undercut Hairstyles for Female Long Hair

Long undercut hairstyles offer an easy way to express yourself. From discreetly shaving down an area of your neck in order to feel lighter and cooler to making an eye-catching personal statement, there’s a multitude of styles that allow you to express yourself creatively in this form of expression.

Keke Palmer pairs her undercut with straight-across bangs for an eye-catching yet casual and chic look that marries casuality with glamour. The shaved section adds visual interest at the back and draws focus onto her bangs’ pretty shape.

Short Undercut Haircuts for Women

Women’s undercut hairstyles have quickly become trendy as an alternative to long locks. Instead of going for the traditional feminine look of long waves, an undercut offers women boldness with its masculine flair reminiscent of long waves from men.

Undercuts can range from dramatic to subdued depending on where and how far down to shave the area is cut. Shaving both sides of your head for maximum impact; shaving one side as an alternative option can create an undercut style more subtly.

Women looking to add an intriguing edge to their feminine undercut can add flair with the addition of wavy textures, soft fade colors, and eye-catching designs such as hearts or superhero symbols to make their undercut even more distinctive.

Pixie Undercut Haircuts for Women

Pixie undercuts are bold and fashionable short hairstyles for women, featuring shaved sides with longer hair. The versatile Pixie Undercut can be styled in many different ways with different lengths, bangs, colors, and textures of locks; creating striking contrast against dark hues for an eye-catching effect.

This style is ideal for wavy and curly locks as it adds volume to a short style, creating fullness while making it look fuller. Furthermore, fine-haired individuals may benefit from styling it this way to make their locks appear thicker while adding definition to their faces.

Enhancing this style by adding an eye-catching splash of color is another fantastic way to amplify its beauty. From blonde to purple hues, any shade is bound to create an eye-catching appearance, and two-toning is also a fantastic option. To further elevate this cut and achieve elegant style, layering may also help.

Hidden Undercut Haircuts for Women

For women with naturally kinky or oily locks, an undercut doesn’t have to be entirely short to take advantage of its benefits. You don’t even need to shorten it fully – simply add an edgy undercut that stands out. And you have many styles of female undercuts available from daringly shaved temples and sides all the way through to subtle faded designs hidden undercut designs!

One exciting variation on the undercut for long hair is a side-shaved inverted V with zig-zag detailing reminiscent of Peppermint Patty or Spongebob’s pineapple house. This look stands out particularly on blonde locks, making for an eye-catching contrast when combined with floral or mandala designs or bolder faded shades for added femininity.

Undercut Haircuts for Women with Fine Hair

Women with fine hair can use an undercut for its distinctive and modern style. By shaving short the sides while leaving longer locks on top, adding fades, or adding cool designs such as flowers or arrows on shaved areas, an undercut provides a distinctive yet fashionable look.

Mandalas are among the most artistic and meaningful shaved designs for the nape, making them an excellent choice for women with an affinity for colors. Additionally, creating them is relatively simple.

If you don’t want to commit fully to shaved designs, try opting for an undercut with just three triangles shaved on the back of your neck. This type of triangle undercut works exceptionally well when worn with long ponytails for an eye-catching touch!