How to Get Rid of Ugly Hair

Many believe clothes make the man, but hairstyle can also enormously impact someone’s appearance. Therefore, selecting an elegant yet flattering hairstyle for yourself is crucial to creating an eye-catching appearance.


When cut properly, mullets can make for an eye-catching style. Their distinct short front and long back proportions create an eye-catching style perfect for guys with thick, wavy, or curly locks. Modern versions are less dramatic than their predecessors from the 1980s and 90s, worn by hillbillies, has-beens, or cringe-worthy PE teachers. Today’s mullets are sleek and sophisticated, often combined with a fade or taper fade haircut for an eye-catching and trendy appearance that suits Dalston cool kids, Brooklyn club goers, or Australian skullet die-hards alike. Achieving this style requires confidence and zest; those who pull it off look undeniably cool. For this look, ask your barber for a temple fade, or lower skin disappear before keeping the back hair longer than the front for the maximum character. Texturize or style your front hair for extra texture if necessary. Alternatively, try opting for a quiff haircut for those who need more time to do a full mullet style if desired!

Messy Messy

Messy messy hair is an increasingly popular trend that works well across seasons and occasions. Achieving this look requires teasing your locks for desired messiness levels by teasing or tousling your locks to achieve this look. Though many associate the face with celebrities and stylist teams, anyone’s hair type can benefit from a messy cut. The key is being deliberate- tussle your locks lightly but ensure there is still some structure behind your waves so it doesn’t just become unruly strands! This style can also signify someone who is nonconformist or does not care about their appearance. Additionally, this style may help conceal thinning hair, making it an ideal look for women over 50.

Spiked Texture

Spiky texture can often look attractive; when done incorrectly, it can resemble a rat’s nest. Use hair gel or wax to form soft spikes to achieve soft spiky peaks without crunchy and greasy results. Tease your front section upward and tease back by pulling it with your fingers to form weak points. Using the backcombing technique, you can measure forward with your fingers to create soft spiked peaks on either side of your forehead. Create soft spikes with fingers by knocking your front section upward when brushing through using the minimum product on either side – but be wary when doing this step to prevent product buildup, which could result in crunchy and greasy appearances! This sharp and masculine style works well with various hair textures. While spiked styles were complex and inaccessible in the past, modern grooming techniques make achieving such looks easily achievable. Spiky hair can also help address issues like widow’s peaks or receding hairlines by using volumizing powder at your roots before combing upwards and coating with wax or gel for extra volume and texture. You could twist some strands of your hair to give yourself a unique textured style!