Protective Twist Black Hairstyles

A twist black hairstyle is one of the best protective styles for afro-textured hair, perfect for any event and keeping strands healthy. Whether you prefer something sleek or edgy – there’s always a twist style just right!

Striking Style: Thin Cornrows with Jumbo Marley Twists

This striking style combines thin cornrows with jumbo Marley twists and a fade for an eye-catching tone, perfect for night outings and events.

Bleached Twists: A Great Alternative to Dreadlocks

A bleached twist hairstyle can take your two-strand twist style to the next level. To achieve this look, ask your stylist to create triangle sections instead of box patterns when creating your twisted manes. Bleached twists offer men looking for a quick way to try dreadlocks without the lengthy commitment of growing them out a great alternative.

Tips for Optimal Bleached Twists

For optimal bleached twist results, be careful not to over-moisturize. Over-moisturization can lead to hygral fatigue – an annoying condition in which moisture leaves your strands too quickly and causes them to break down – so use light hair products like SheaMoisture Papaya