Yung Joc Reveals Tupac With Hair

According to reports, Tupac Shakur may still be alive; new photos show him with hair. E.D.I Mean suggests Onyx inspired this decision.

Yung Joc Pays Tribute to Tupac With 3D Haircut

Rapper Yung Joc has always been bold with his hairstyle choices, and now he has taken it one step further. On Sunday evening via Instagram, he unveiled an eye-catching new style – an elaborate 3D portrait of Tupac Shakur from Juice as Bishop from that movie!

Rob The Original Creates a Tattoo-Like 3D Tupac Haircut

Rob The Original, a renowned hair artist, created a tattoo-like depiction of Tupac’s likeness in Yung Joc’s hair. The design includes an Afro and nose ring with rhinestones, resembling a Gumby-esque style afro. Rob also replicated Tupac’s flat top look using Joc’s hair.

Impressive Detail and Reactions

Yung Joc’s friends can be heard admiring his 3D Tupac haircut in the background of a video, praising its stunning detail. Yung Joc warns viewers to be careful with the artwork since any scratches could damage it. The haircut received rave reviews on Instagram, including praise from Tupac himself.

Rob The Original’s Evolution as a hair Artist

Rob The Original started by adding stars and zigzags to children’s haircuts. Over time, he evolved into a highly creative hair artist who can craft any portrait from clients’ hair. His work has gained recognition for incorporating celebrity portraits.

Yung Joc’s Daring Fashion Choices

Yung Joc has been known for his daring fashion choices. His latest retro pompadour style hairdo pays tribute to the late rapper Tupac. Joc’s previous perm hairstyle also gained viral attention.

Yung Joc’s 3D Tupac Haircut

Tupac’s unique hairstyles, including perms and man buns, inspired Yung Joc to get a 3D portrait of Tupac on his fade. Rob The Original showcased his artwork in an Instagram video, attracting both amazement and mockery on social media. Some suggested matching Joc’s facial tattoo with a dreadlock.

Joc’s Appreciation for the 3D Portrait

Despite some negative comments, Yung Joc expressed his love and appreciation for his barber’s skill in bringing his ideas to life. He has yet to decide whether to keep the current 3D Tupac haircut or try different styles in the future.

Tupac’s Lasting Influence

Tupac Shakur’s impact on hip-hop and society remains significant. He was a pioneering figure in gangsta rap, addressing social issues and inspiring activism. Despite controversies surrounding his lifestyle, Tupac’s music resonated with millions worldwide.

Yung Joc’s Dramatic Fashion Choices

Yung Joc continues to make bold fashion statements, including his distinctive hairstyles. From side bobs to perms and even a completely bald look, he never hesitates to take risks. His latest fashion endeavor, the Tupac-inspired haircut, showcases his creativity.