Trending Male Hairstyles For Summer

Men’s hairstyles have reached new heights this summer. No matter your hair length or style preference, there will be an ideal look that accentuates your personal style.

The Undercut

The undercut is an eye-catching style that has quickly become trendy over the past several years. Combining faded sides with long locks on top, this look can be styled either messy or smooth to suit any mood or situation.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is an increasingly popular men’s haircut that takes dapper to a new level. This timeless look features short sides with longer top sections – an arrangement that suits modern men who enjoy its distinctive appearance and varied texture.

To create an eye-catching style, take your crew cut one step further with various fade styles like low, mid, or skin fade fades. The key is adding taper at the sides so your longer top can stand out against it all.

As another way of keeping your crew cut looking sharp, try adding some messy texture on top. Scrunch your hair using your fingers and add some men’s hair products for separation and hold, such as BluMaan Cavalier Clay ($22). This look makes an excellent casual weekend style, or other days you want something less formal.


A buzz cut is an excellent style choice for men looking to appear put together without spending too much time on hair care. The buzz cut requires minimal upkeep and can fit almost all hair textures; you can further personalize its appearance by adding tapering or bald fade features to personalize its appearance. This style is trendy among older men as it accentuates their mature features.

Idris Elba exudes sophistication with this classic haircut. His short locks feature an elegant temple fade for an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic, and he completes his masculine appearance by sporting a salt-and-pepper goatee for added edge.

Try opting for a high and tight buzz cut with a fade for a sleeker style. Similar to a crew cut but leaves more length for styling purposes. This low-maintenance hairstyle makes a statement while remaining low maintenance; perfect for men on the move who only have a little time or dedication for grooming!

Side Part

Men who prefer casual styles can look great with a side part, a business person haircut, or a gentleman cut that provides facial balance while accentuating cheekbones and eyes. It makes an excellent particular event style or can liven up everyday looks!

A classic side part with a faded haircut can create a sleek, masculine hairstyle suitable for any event. Slick back your locks using gel or pomade for a sleek finish, or keep things natural with some texturizing hair product to give the style more character and edge.

The side part works particularly well when combined with longer hair in the crown. A ponytail undercut, disconnected quiff, or full-on slicked comb over are all suitable styles for this look. Stylist Mika Fowler suggests to Byrdie that men with square-shaped faces may wish to opt for a deep side part as this will accentuate their strong jawline and bone structure while making their features less harsh.


A high fade can look quite remarkable when styled correctly. This style adds a nice shadow effect at the top of your head while emphasizing its wavy texture, making this an excellent option for younger men looking for an understated yet textured style.

Modern variations on classic pompadour styles are eye-catching and sophisticated looks, featuring complex side parts and fades that showcase thick wavy locks on top. This look makes an excellent option for men with medium hair who wish to keep it simple yet still look dapper.

Tom Hardy is an excellent example of someone who knows how to rock this style, with his tousled and textured haircut enhancing his lousy boy persona and creating a powerful statement about masculine styles. Tom set trends regarding male fashions; longhaired guys can also rock this look; just make sure it is adequately styled using matte pomade for optimal results.