Blue Anime Model – Topknot Style


The topknot style has been in vogue for a few years now, but it is not a new trend. Susie Lau, a Hong Kong-based street-style star, is one of the first to wear it. While her topknot is not groundbreaking, it is popular in Japan and China. According to Lau, this style looks like the style worn by men in the Ming dynasty.

A topknot style is one of the most versatile styles. It works well for any face shape, but it emphasizes cheekbones and forehead. For this type of style, you can apply gel or hairspray to separate the sections of that and twist them up. You can also add mousse if that is dry. This simple styling tip will ensure your top knot is both comfortable and attractive. The next time you want to change your style, remember to keep this article in mind.

How to Wear an Edgar haircut


The topknot is one of the most popular styles for women, and it can also be the most challenging to master. The style is very versatile, and it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to do. The upside is that it is very easy to maintain, and the  is easy to comb. There are many different ways to wear a topknot, and the key is to make it your own.