Top 5 Tom Cruise Haircuts

Tapered Haircut

Tom Cruise has long served as an example for men around the globe with his iconic black hair and blue eyes. One of his most coveted looks is a tapered haircut featuring closely cropped sides and longer locks on top. This timeless and classic style can easily be maintained through regular trims and styling products.

Side-swept Bangs

Tom Cruise is an ideal example of this style with his short comb-over and five-o’clock shadow. It adds an edgy and seductive touch to his appearance, suitable for virtually every facial structure. This hairstyle is easy to maintain, and celebrities like Zac Efron and Pete Wentz have also worn it to avoid the grandpa look.

Brushed-up Front

Tom Cruise’s iconic Top Gun Maverick hairstyle remains an inspiration today. It features close-cropped sides and a brushed-up front for an attractive and rugged appearance. To achieve this style, use texture paste or wax to add volume and finish with hairspray for a polished look.

Long Feathered Hair

Long feathered hairstyles offer men a way to add texture and dimension to their looks. Growing out shoulder-length or longer locks and layering them with long feathered edges creates a flowing and eye-catching finish. Tom Cruise rocked a similar style in the movie Top Gun for an elegant and smooth appearance.

Textured Layered Look

A shaggy layered haircut adds rugged charm to your appearance, perfect for men who want a dapper look without spending too much time on grooming. This style pairs easily with any attire for maximum impact. Tom Cruise has sported various hairstyles throughout his career, including a military-inspired hairdo known as the Maverick cut in Top Gun that featured closely cropped sides and longer tops.


The comb-over haircut is a timeless classic. Combined with chocolate brown locks, it creates a striking, eye-catching appearance that complements all skin tones. This style adds texture to long straight locks and provides much-needed volume. However, regular trims and styling products are necessary to maintain it properly.

Center Parts

Center parts are another timeless classic in Tom Cruise’s hairstyles. They are perfect for any special occasion, featuring a straight part down the middle with combed-back hair on both sides. To achieve this look, comb through your locks using a sharp comb and apply styling product for a seamless and sleek finish.