Top 5 Toddler Boy Hairstyles

If your toddler boy’s hair is getting long, try this classic cut for a mature look. It features a deep side part and hair swept to either side, giving him a polished appearance. This low-maintenance style works well with bedhead or after a wash, making it suitable for thick and hard-to-comb hair.

If your boy has curly locks, consider a pompadour hairstyle to highlight them. Child models and performers often sport this captivating look, which requires a lot of products to achieve the iconic backcombed peaks. Alternatively, you can wear a fringe bob cut for a relaxed and sophisticated style. This hairstyle looks good on thick and thinner hair; you can style it with a medium side part, fade, or undercut.

Wispy bangs haircuts with lots of texture are trendy for toddler boys. They work well with curly or straight hair and complement their face shape. These cuts require minimal maintenance, with no additional styling required. Another popular choice is a low taper fade haircut, giving your child a trendy teenager look that’s easy to manage even if they forget to wash regularly. A classic side part with bangs is a timeless style that suits boys with medium to long hair.

Fade hairstyles are attractive and dapper for boys. They work for most hair types and can be easily styled with gel or wax. Shorter sides also mean less trimming. The modern quiff is another great option for toddlers who prefer short hairstyles. Paired with a low taper fade, it adds a rebellious touch while being low maintenance.

Letting it fall long for boys with wavy or curly hair can frame their faces and add depth. For thicker locks, consider a pompadour style. A tricky part can also add drama and texture to any hairstyle, achieved by shaving a crisp line at the hair parting. Slicked-back techniques work well for boys with thin or medium hair, embracing their natural texture.

An undercut with short sides and long top hair allows your child to express themselves. This textured cut can be styled using gel or pomade for a spiky look. Faux hawks are a trendy option to appear more mature, achieved with a faded haircut, hard part, and some pomade or gel. Little boys with naturally thick locks can try a pompadour style, combining enough hair to create a unique look.