Twisted and Twisted Hairstyles

A style that involves gathering and twisting much of the hair together for formal occasions. Additionally, this look works well when worn with hair accessories like pearls.

Medium Length Updo

Medium-length hair can easily be styled into an elegant updo for an eye-catching look showcasing its texture, which goes well with almost every outfit. The undone finish highlights your locks’ texture while looking chic against virtually any backdrop.

Low Bun

A low bun is an effortless yet chic hairstyle perfect for any occasion. Easy to create, this hairstyle works great with many dresses. Use a soft bun as an easy way to add volume and texture to your locks by creating it using a low ponytail and securing it with bobby pins, or use a headband for added polish!

Side-Swept Messy Buns

Side-swept messy buns are another chic and elegant low bun style requiring little effort when worn with face-framing fringes or thin braids. If you prefer something more sophisticated than an undone soft bun, consider styling your hair with a tortoiseshell barrette or metal clip to achieve this style. It makes an impressive statement at formal events and looks especially beautiful with cocktail dresses.

Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is an elegant classic for semi-formal events or everyday wear. Easy to create and adaptable for any hair texture or length, the half up half down style can also be enhanced with various accessories to complete its look – it can even be styled backward to focus attention on the eyes or left with soft face-framing strands for a face-framing effect. Pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or topknot and secure it with bobby pins along the sides to achieve this look. If you want an added texture boost, use a teasing brush on the roots of your hair before finishing your style off with got2b Volumaniac for an elegant and refined finish. This cute and chic way to display your personality is ideal for anyone with long or medium-length locks, particularly those with braids or flower crowns. Add additional touches by including braided details, making your look genuinely distinctive by braiding pieces, or creating a flower crown!

Messy Bun

Add an elegant touch to your messy bun by giving it some volume and adding some shine with thermal texture spray. Divide your hair into two even sections and create a ponytail at the top, twisting and wrapping it around itself before securing it with bobby pins for an eye-catching style! This look works for formal events as well as nights out with friends! This style works well for all hair types, from long thick locks to short, thin locks. To add a stylish touch, tuck some loose strands at the base of the ponytail before finishing up by spraying some hairspray over it all. No matter the occasion, a messy bun will make you look chic and sophisticated. Plus, it’s so effortless-looking that this is an excellent solution when time doesn’t allow you to wash your locks beforehand.

Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is an elegant and chic hairstyle suitable for formal events and everyday wear. To achieve it, begin by lightly texturizing your locks with dry shampoo or texturizing spray before dividing your locks into two sections and twisting each section until it coils around itself. After completing this step, pin all ends securely with hair pins to keep this style secure. This symmetrical bun is an ideal updo for women with long hair and looks fantastic on all face shapes. Additionally, this updo makes an impressive statement at any professional event or formal wedding reception. This cute twist-knot bun is a sophisticated alternative to the man bun and requires little to no hairspray for its creation. Curlier or more relaxed locks also benefit greatly. To achieve this look, gather all of your locks into a low ponytail and secure it using elastic.