Thor Ragnarok Haircut Revealed

The Basics

– Thor Ragnarok, the third installment in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sees Chris Hemsworth have his iconic golden locks lopped off.

– Director Taika Waititi is responsible for the new look, adapting Thor’s appearance to fit the movie’s theme.

– Barbers suggest asking for a three or four on the back and sides, with the front slightly longer and adding texture on top.

The Final Touches

– The new short haircut makes Thor appear more rugged and ready for action.

hair designer Luca Vannella explained that the haircut was chosen to make Hemsworth appear more human and humorous.

– Hemsworth’s natural dark hair color was dyed darker for the role, and lines were added manually.

The Styling Tips

– The Thor Ragnarok haircut is a textured crop that should be styled to appear natural.

– Keep the sides short but not radical, around 3-4 guards on the back and sides.

– Heavily texture the top throughout, especially at the corners of the head, for an authentic Viking vibe.

The Final Words

– Thor’s haircut in Ragnarok symbolizes the changes he undergoes and the loss he experiences.

– The cropped locks are forcibly cut when he is enslaved and forced into gladiatorial combat.

– Thor is known for his long locks, but the shorter hair represents a different phase in his story.