Thinning Hair at 40 Male – How to Prevent and Prevent hair Loss

If you are in your forties and experiencing hair thinning, it is crucial that you act quickly. There are various strategies available to combat thinning hair as well as encourage its regrowth.

Step one in combatting baldness is to postpone shaving your head until baldness appears, using prescription-grade solutions and adopting healthy lifestyle practices.


At 40, hair loss may be due to any number of reasons; from your health and habits, to genetics or hormone changes that come with age. When the follicles in your scalp begin to shrink and thin out, this can result in visible thinning or even baldness; some people inherit male pattern baldness which can pass down through generations; this thinning often stems from an excess of the hormone DHT which occurs naturally within our bodies as a product of testosterone production.


Hormones are one of the primary contributors to hair thinning at 40, as each follicle is genetically programmed either to become sensitive to male hormones that appear during puberty and shrink and die or remain resistant, meaning they continue growing throughout life. This causes male pattern baldness – manifesting either with receding hairlines or crown bald spots on men – as well as androgenetic alopecia in women; though medications like minoxidil may help slow this process down.

Poor Health

Poor health can also contribute to males experiencing thinning hair at 40. Depending on its source, making healthy choices could prevent or slow hair loss; such as eating foods rich in iron, protein, biotin, and zinc; as well as quitting smoking and maintaining a healthy weight are effective solutions.


Men with straight hair should try styling it with plenty of texture in order to make their locks appear thicker. Comb overs, side sweeps, messy styles, or slicked back styles all can work to increase thickness while using volumizing products such as pomades can also help add thickness.

Often when crown hair thinning becomes evident, stylists recommend opting for a shorter haircut with some sort of edgy finish – like a quiff or pompadour – which draws attention upwards and helps disguise receding hairlines.

If your hair is thinning on the sides and top, use a fade to make it appear fuller. Incorporating beard or mustache may also help draw attention away from its thinned appearance.

Remember: don’t panic! Thinning hair can actually look quite dignified if embraced properly and styled accordingly.