How to Style Thick Bangs With a Variety of Hairstyles

Thicker bangs can be an ideal way to frame your face without making an indefinable statement about yourself with full forehead hair. From long and middle-parted styles to short side-swept ones, they make for the perfect frame of any face shape with your style help!


1970s-inspired bangs can soften your features, drawing attention to your cheekbones and eyes, an all for those with wavy locks. This style also works beautifully in terms of fringe length.


Blunt bangs can flatter almost all face shapes while making hair appear proportionate and well-proportioned. This style has become one of the most sought-after bang styles and works well with any hair type.


Layered bangs offer an effortless style and allow you to switch up their length daily. This style looks beautiful when worn with either curly or wavy locks yet requires regular upkeep to keep its bangs neat and sleek.

Shag cut with choppy.

If you have long, straight hair, a shag cut with choppy bangs can give your look a feminine aesthetic and create the ideal face-framing layers that complement your unique features. This style works exceptionally well on women with symmetrical facial features.


Long side-swept bangs can create an elegant and sophisticated style that beautifully frames the face. This look can be worn with many hairstyles, but it works particularly well with layered bob hairstyles.


Adding wispy baby bangs will instantly elevate your style. These petite face-framing bangs work especially well when creating a European-inspired look and on curly locks! Remember to moisturize to prevent dry and brittle locks regularly.

Bowl cut with bangs.

Combine a bowl cut with bangs for a subtler look. A wavy or straight bowl cut complemented by hits can add texture and volume, creating soft feminine waves. Try experimenting with a bold color like blue for a unique and attention-grabbing style.