How to Add Texture to Medium-Length Hair

Medium-length hair can look polished at work while also showing off vibrant hues on an evening out with its piecey layers and multidimensional shades.

Wavy hair requires special treatment. Texturizing products and subtle tousling can elevate any shoulder-length cut with waves to an entirely new level; try adding some balayage highlights for even greater depth and dimension of wave formation.

Textured Layers

Layers can benefit most hair types, but thin or delicate locks greatly benefit from layers. Layers help create the appearance of thicker locks while adding natural volume and movement to a style.

Ask your stylist to create soft, feminine layers around the face that frame it for a soft feminine look. This style works well with medium-length hair and pairs beautifully with rich blonde hues.

Curly hair tends to be bottom-heavy and difficult to manage, yet it can look stunning with layered cuts like Miley Cyrus’ textured bob, which features sweeping layers that enhance her waves.

Notably, layering and texturing are distinct techniques with distinct results. Layering adds length, while texturing reduces bulk by making the tips thinner. A point-cutting technique can also be utilized, similar to texturing but requiring special scissors.


Medium-length hair offers many advantages, including adding layers for face framing and accentuating features like those found in thicker locks. Layers also make thicker locks look sleek and chic!

Creating texture in your locks with texturizing spray and crumbling will create a natural and effortless style suitable for any special event or special day!

Spiky techniques on shoulder-length hair can add volume and an edgy style and be used to show off blonde highlights.

Your haphazard, messy tufts of hair will look even more striking when textured, especially as part of an elegant style. Try out a layered bob with ashy baby lights for a unique yet chic aesthetic; face-framing layers look best when the middle is parted for maximum elegance.

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy layers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to add volume and texture to medium-length hair. Perfect for all hair types, particularly thin or delicate locks that need a boost in volume, curly or wavy locks can benefit from additional layers, creating texturized contrast that makes their waves appear lively.

A shaggy haircut will surely add texture and depth, no matter your style – from romantic Brigitte Bardot to punk 70s rocker. You are furthermore, adding some pop with highlights – whether face-framing streaks for feminine flair or multiple contrasting highlights throughout for maximum texture variation – can bring out all aspects of the cut!

Balayage is an effective way to add texture and depth to medium-length hair, as the subtle blend of colors will make your locks appear healthy and sun-kissed. Choose a natural combination or experiment with contrasting hues of blonde, brown, or brunette shades.

Textured Bangs

Opt for face-framing bangs instead of straightening your medium-length hair; this style will highlight its natural shine while flattering oval, long, and heart-shaped faces. However, those with large foreheads or widow’s peaks should avoid this look.

Light wispy fringes that graze the brow are an easy and stylish addition to a textured, layered cut, providing a fresh yet easy maintenance solution. Use a dry texturizing spray to keep your fringe looking its best and tame any flyaways.

Fuller fringes provide extra structure around your face and make an eye-catching look, ideal for an evening out. Rihanna makes her look even more dramatic by pairing wavy layers with full fringe and dramatic makeup; Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil for Curls can help enhance the natural texture for this look and push the hair from the right side of the forehead over left when blow-drying to create this rounded effect.