How to Rock a Bold Teal Hair Color

Teal hair color is a beautiful combination of blue and green that complements blue eyes. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect teal hair look:

Dark Teal

Consider adding dark blue teal highlights to your hair for an ocean-inspired effect. This works well with darker hair colors like charcoal or navy.

Pastel Teal

If you prefer a more subtle teal hair color, go for a pastel shade. It looks great with a sea-colored bob and suits various skin tones.

Green Teal

To create an underwater fantasy look, blend a bit of black dye into your teal hair color. Adding highlights and shadows can also enhance the teal hue.

Blue Teal

Teal hair color comes in different shades of blue and green. You can experiment with ombre effects or dye your entire head for a vibrant look.

Purple Teal

Add purple highlights and shadows to your teal hair for a mermaid-inspired look. It works well on both brunettes and blondes.

Pink Teal

For a trendy and eye-catching look, try tonal teal hair color. It pairs well with blue eyes and cool skin tones.

Yellow Teal

Teal shades with yellow undertones can add brightness to your locks. This versatile color works with all skin tones throughout the year.