How to Style a Tape Up Haircut

A tape up haircut is one of the best ways to showcase your bold spiky locks while creating a professional and dapper appearance – perfect for any special event or social function!

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles can be easily achieved using only minimal product such as gel, pomade, or wax. While shorter locks work best with this look, all lengths of hair can do it as long as your fingers run through your locks to lift locks upwards while using fingertips to sharpen spikes into their desired shapes.

Textured Hair

The taper fade is one of the most sought-after styles among men’s hairstyles. Also referred to as a razor fade, skin fade or bald fade, this versatile look works with any cut, such as spiky locks or braids and dreadlocks – offering a striking contrast between long top and shorter sides of any given haircut.

When styling textured hair, it is important to remember that its cuticles have been reduced compared to natural straight locks, requiring additional care in order to keep it strong and healthy. Styling it with suitable products will help preserve its shape and definition.

French Crop

For men looking for an alternative to the buzz cut, this style offers short sides with long fringe that adds an on-trend aesthetic. You can style it spiky or neat; your barber can adjust its length according to your personal preferences. Perfect for beard wearers seeking stylish looks without looking like they just came from the barber’s, this look works great when worn alongside a beard!

If you love texture, try this French crop that combines shaggy elements of a messy hairstyle with the shape and style of a classic crop. Additionally, this style suits various hair types (curly/wavy).

This French crop features a medium fringe and is styled into an inverted V shape for an edgier aesthetic. If desired, gel can be applied for sleekness – an ideal look for young professionals.

Side Part

No doubt about it: the side part is an ideal way to make a stylish yet low-maintenance statement with your hair. Easy to maintain and combined with other styles like the slick back, combover or quiff for maximum impact!

However, some may be taken aback when learning that side parts were once considered outdated among Generation Z. Now however, this trend has seen a resurgence with celebrities like Megan Thee Stallion, Miley Cyrus, and Kim Kardashian all supporting it as part of their signature look.

This style features a side part that tapers down to the skin, before transitioning into a bald fade at the hairline. The high taper works great for creating an unbroken line up while leaving plenty of length up top for styling products and products such as spikes. Furthermore, its hard part works great as an added edge.