How to Style Tall Hair

hair can be inconvenient; it ends up everywhere, from food, bedspreads, and bedding to quilts, beers, and car windows! But hair also serves many other purposes, from indicating femininity or formidability to signaling sexual attractiveness.

Not every haircut suits all faces equally. However, specific cuts tend to do particular looks better.

Wispy Edges

hair edges or baby hairs are short strands that naturally grow along your hairline and frame your face beautifully, defining a style in an otherwise unassuming way. Josephine Baker was one of the first notable women to popularize this natural look; her signature style featured carefully gelled-down, sculpted edges considered works of art by all who saw it.

Wispy bangs can help balance out fuller hair and slim down a broad forehead while providing low-maintenance solutions compared to thick curtain bangs, which may require daily grooming and shaping maintenance.

We suggest spraying your edges with a light hairspray or edge control for thicker textures to help them remain sleek and in place. Classic products such as ECO’s Styler Professional Styling Gel can help lock down edges and baby hairs for the smoothest look possible.

Face Shape

Begin by measuring from the center of your forehead (or, if balding is an option, estimate this) down to the tip of your chin and also take note of its width; does it appear more squared off, or more soft-rounded?

Fabian suggests you can further determine your face shape by considering the angles of your jawline and cheekbones. According to him, round faces have soft grades while oval ones are more balanced and symmetrical; diamond shapes feature narrow foreheads with broad cheekbones, creating a point in the center of their faces; heart-shaped ones tend to feature wider foreheads than jawlines while heart-shaped ones have wider foreheads than jawlines.

Once you know your facial structure, it’s time to pick an appropriate hairstyle; long layered cuts or high ponytails work well on oval faces, while long blunt bobs or French crops can work wonders on oval faces. To draw attention away from its narrow width, you could add longer layers with side-swept bangs to soften its narrow width – all you have left is side-swept bangs!