5 Super Short Men’s Haircuts

Men’s short hairstyles are highly adaptable. There are various options, with tapered fade being one of the most sought-after cuts among male customers today.

A high skin fade is an effective way of creating height and volume on top of your head while adding contrast with texture through a comb over or mini pomp. It works exceptionally well on thin or fine hair because it makes it appear thicker than its own.

A Hard Part

Hard-part hairstyles for men have quickly become some of the trendiest options. When done right, this look can create an effortlessly masculine appearance that goes perfectly with any ensemble. Unfortunately, this particular haircut requires regular visits to your barber for trims and lightweight styling products to maintain its shape – otherwise, sloppy results could arise!

Or, for something more casual and relaxed, why not try textured, complex part styles? They work well with most face shapes and can be styled slick back for a sharper aesthetic or tousled with the product for more relaxed styles. Plus, the textured top adds dimension and softens an uneven hairline!

This look pairs nicely with low or skin fades for an enhanced refinement, or add a lineup to complete this look and any beard style.

Slick Back

This style is perfect for anyone wanting a sleek and polished appearance, easy to maintain with just a bit of pomade, and suitable for all face shapes. For added style, consider incorporating a tricky part, one of the most sought-after short haircuts, popular among everyone from Channing Tatum to Denzel Washington! Usually coupled with an impressive low fade for maximum impactful masculine appeal.

This style is ideal for those with thin or delicate locks as it helps make them appear thicker. Add flair by including quiffs, combovers, or mini pomps in the style for added dimension and personality!

Slicked-back styles are highly adaptable and can work with virtually any type of fade. Try pairing one with a mid fade for a contemporary aesthetic, or go for bolder looks with high skin fades for more daring contrast.

Tapered Quiff

A gentler take on the quiff, this style utilizes a thinner tapered comb for creating volume-increasing texture and volume. The result is an elegant, laidback style perfect for casual events; to elevate it for formal affairs, add full bearding for an added boost!

Modern quiffs may often appear too angular and lengthen the face, while this style is designed for more of a uniform feel. That makes it particularly beneficial if you have thin facial features or longer locks, as the kind will not make you appear too short in comparison.

High skin fades, and extra length on top can also help thin or fine hair appear thicker, especially if worn with a mini pomp, quiff, or brush over that draws attention to the highest points of your forehead. It is an effective solution for anyone wanting to appear sophisticated and refined.

Buzz Cut Fade

Short and sweet, this versatile style creates a sleek and polished look for men of all ages. This simple cut features closely cropped lines with tapered buzzes for added definition.

Add some flair to your buzz by customizing it with an eye-catching cut-out design such as V or zig-zag shapes. This will definitely grab people’s attention!

If you want something bolder, try this high, tight style with skin fade and line up on top. Perfect for guys looking for an eye-catching finish to their look that stands out, this style makes an impressionful statement about who they are!

Contrary to other short haircuts, this one requires less upkeep. Choose your guard number and commit to the look – after that, all that needs to happen is regular trims every two to three weeks to keep it looking its best!