Can the Sun Lighten Hair Naturally?

We’ve all heard that sun exposure can lighten hair naturally. While it might not offer the same flawless highlights as professional colorists, the sun can still produce stunning results. However, UV rays can damage hair by breaking the protective outer layer, leading to split ends and breakage.

How it Works

Sun is a hair lightener that uses hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice to lighten hair permanently. It now contains botanical extracts like chamomile flower and aloe vera to nourish and reduce damage caused by bleaching processes. Applying it evenly and carefully is critical to achieving beachy balayage or overall blonde highlights.


Sun uses hydrogen peroxide and lemon juice to extract melanin from hair strands, lightening the locks over time. However, frequent usage can lead to dryness and damage. Modern versions of Sun also contain conditioning and soothing ingredients like aloe barbadensis leaf juice and chamomile flower extract.


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage hair follicles. Redness or blistering on the scalp indicates excessive sun exposure. Wearing a hat and using UV protective products can help prevent damage and maintain vibrant hair color.


Sun in is an effective option for adding dimension to hair without extensive damage or salon visits. However, the results may vary; more vital chemicals or salon treatments may be necessary for dramatic highlights like ombre or balayage. Sectioning the hair when applying sun ensures even coverage and prevents uneven-looking locks. Wait a month after using Sun in before applying semi-permanent dye for best results.