How to Add Subtle Layers to Medium Hair

Layers are one of the best ways to give medium hair structure and movement. Not only can layers help define your facial features and create a professional image, they’re also great for showing off natural textures!

Add Feminine Charm with Pink Hues

Add feminine charm and create an eye-catching style by adding pink hues to your strands for an eye-catching and feminine finish. Pink can add vibrancy and elegance to any layered haircut for an unforgettable look!

The Beauty of a Blunt Cut

A blunt cut can be the ideal hairstyle for all hair types. It adds definition to thin or fine locks while eliminating bulk from thicker locks, working equally well on both wavy and curly textures. When combined with face-framing layers (as Khloe Kardashian did here), this style draws attention to your best features – and Khloe Kardashian shows it off perfectly in this picture showcasing it alongside dramatic blunt bangs for added drama!

Choppy Layers for a Playful Style

Choppy layers are a playful style that works beautifully with any blonde hue. Easy to maintain and with its built-in style features, this shoulder-length layered haircut makes the ideal addition to your daily looks or special events. Wear it straight or with a ponytail – for an elegant finish try wearing it high ponytailed for more impactful style. Choppy layers add a playful charm that complements every blonde hair color beautifully and provide just a bit of extra glitz for special events or formal gatherings alike!

The Beauty of Blonde Hair with Layers

Layered haircuts create a soft and feminine aesthetic for blonde hair, adding volume and lightening thicker locks that may otherwise be difficult to manage. There are different styles available and layers can be added to any length or texture of hair – for instance, rounded layers can frame the face adding an intimate, feminine element to the style.

Medium Wavy Layers for a Standout Look

Medium wavy layers work great with any hair color, but blonde shades make them particularly stand out. Face framing layers draw attention to your eyes, lips, and jawline for an aesthetically pleasing effect; adding highlights around your features will further accentuate them.

Messy Lob with Lowlights for Effortless Style

Another versatile medium layered haircut, this messy lob with lowlights is easy and effortless to style – ideal for the office or any girls’ night out! Choppy, textured layers give this style an irresistibly sensual appeal, while flicked ends provide movement and definition to this versatile cut.

Curly hair and Layering

Layering curly hair creates softer and more blended waves that work great for any style. Try face framing layers or a sideswept bang to accentuate your features; layers also work wonders on thicker textures by giving a polished yet refined appearance without becoming too heavy for the head.

Halle Berry’s Love for Layers

Halle Berry is no exception when it comes to celebs who love layers, with her ever-stylish pixie or bob featuring some gorgeous layers. Halle also often wears her locks in a messy bun or ponytail for maximum visibility of her stunning styles.

Ponytail Styling

If you have straight medium hair, try rocking a ponytail to show off its layers. Your strands should fall naturally around your face creating a soft frame for your cheekbones and creating an undulated effect which is great for casual days out with friends or romantic dates. For added volume try curling or powdering your locks for additional volume.

Layered Cut for Thick hair

This layered cut will look great with any type of blonde hair, such as platinum shades which will add shine and vibrancy to your locks. Layers are ideal for thick hair because they help add extra volume. Wavy styling also adds texture and depth. Heat protectant spray or serum should be used regularly in order to avoid further damage to your strands and keep your locks shiny and healthy.