5 Subtle Hair Color Trends to Rock

Are you ready for an update but need more time for a drastic transformation? Consider one of these subtle hair color ideas as a start.


Balayage is a freestyle dye technique known for creating sun-kissed gradations effortlessly and naturally. Partial balayage offers an alternative approach, highlighting only certain sections for an even, multidimensional effect.

Oil Slick Hair

Oil Slick Hair is an eye-catching trend inspired by the mesmerizing swirls of petrol on water. Stylists use bold strokes of never-repeating colors such as emerald, jade, purple, and violet on darker strands to achieve this fantasy color scheme. This look works on any hair, even brunettes! All that’s necessary for success is using the proper techniques to blend colors. Keep your base color as dark as possible while using the balayage technique for seamless color transitions. Alternatively, peekaboo highlights may provide the ability to cover up stains when necessary if an entire head of oil-slick hair isn’t your cup of tea. To achieve optimal results, discussing with your stylist what results you would like beforehand and providing images as reference points is essential.

Rose Gold Hair

Rose gold hair color trends offer a stylish yet subtle approach that looks chic and beautiful, perfect for every season and style. It pairs beautifully with blonde locks while dark brown hues look striking, too – just be sure to use products without sulfates to extend its lasting effects. For an authentic appearance, your colorist can hand paint rose gold highlights onto your blonde locks using a technique such as balayage. This will produce natural-looking pink shades that blend seamlessly with their light blonde base color. Soft rose gold highlights look beautiful on platinum blonde hair, rejuvenating it without drastic color change. Your stylist can add darker pink pieces throughout your strands for an on-trend e-girl style.

Coffee Brown Hair

Coffee brown hair can be ideal for darkening their natural shade without becoming overly dramatic. This vibrant hue can make your locks appear extra shiny and bouncy when combined with golden highlights. This dark brown hue recalls the rich tones of freshly brewed coffee, making it an excellent match with warm-toned skin tones and wavy hair textures. Plus, you can show it off both ways for maximum effect – loose waves or updo! Butter baby lights offer a subtle yet effective solution to add depth and dimension to a dark coffee brown shade. Rose gold balayage highlights can also add summery brilliance for a boost! As seen in Olivia Culpo.

Blue-Black Hair

Black hair with blue undertones is an increasingly popular style trend that exudes mystery and outer space inspiration. Whatever its appeal may be, blue-black strands look chic and fashionable. Try subtly rocking this style with a dark blue-black ombre on your locks for an understated take. It works beautifully on any length hairstyle but is particularly flattering when worn on shorter or cropped lengths. For an eye-catching and dramatic effect, dye your locks a dark navy blue. Be sure to use a demi or semi-permanent dye that covers and nourishes your natural color. Additionally, follow an appropriate haircare routine, like using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Two Contrasting Colors on the Bottom Half of Your Head

If you’re feeling adventurous but don’t have time for an extensive hair color change, try strategically placed highlights instead of bleached tips. This subtle color trend allows you to keep your natural base color while having fun experimenting. Choose a chocolate lilac shade on your roots for maximum visual impact without drawing attention away from work. Close enough to black that it won’t look out-of-place indoors while adding some color without too much hassle! Babylights are more subtle than balayage and offer soft flows of multiple blonde hues throughout your hair. This simple look requires little upkeep or care and tolerates regrowth well – an ideal solution if your relationship doesn’t allow much freedom in personal experimentation with hair styling.