A Stylish Hairstyle For Men

Comb Over

A comb-over is an effortless and classic hairstyle. It creates volume at the top of your head for a dapper and refined appearance. This look is easy to maintain and suits multiple lengths and textures of hair.


A Mohawk is one of the boldest styles available. It typically consists of spiky locks with shaved sides. However, you can pair your shaved sides with fades for a less daring look.

Pompadour with Temple Fade

Temple fades add an elegant edge to pompadours. They connect the hairline and facial hair with shorter, natural-looking back and sides. This style offers an alternative to skin fades and suits swept textures like those found in pompadours. It works well with beards or clean stubble and adds an edge with modern fade work.

Textured Fringe

This modern classic style features short hair on the sides like a low or mid-skin fade and a long fringe covering half of your forehead. You can sweep it to one side for an eye-catching French crop look or add movement and texture with matte clay or pomade. This hairstyle is best achieved by visiting your barber.

High Fade with Hard Part

A high fade with a hard part is a bold way to divide the top from the sides without making your head appear too full. It features a low skin fade that ends just before your temple, combined with an indented hard part side shaved straight across. This sleek and slicked-back look is sure to turn heads!

Comb Over

Uppercut Deluxe refers to this style as a Comb Over, sometimes called Side Part. Depending on personal preference, it features a long top section that is either parted in one direction or slicked back. The style is finished with short sharp fades at the sides and often a beard.

Brandon Castaldi’s Side Part Pomp

Brandon Castaldi at Proper Barber Co offers a sleeker version of the side part style. He uses matte pomade and adds 5 o’clock shadowing for an extra stylish edge to complete this chic cut.