How to Style a Stylish Hairstyle Boy

Hairstyles can be an expressive way of showing personality and style. A stylish haircut for boys will highlight their facial features and bring out their best qualities. To find a style that works for them, take inspiration from celebrity images or ask your barber for advice.


Bro-flo is an easy, relaxed look that works on all hair textures and lengths. The style enables a simple aesthetic and requires little upkeep for maximum effectiveness.

Mohawk with a Skin Fade

Mohawk with skin fade is an eye-catching style that will make any man stand out from the crowd. Perfect for men with medium-length wavy or curly locks and medium to thick texture. This haircut features an above-temple high fade and an eye-catching, textured mohawk. This look can be styled in an eye-catching rockstar style or kept smooth for a more polished appearance. Though requiring regular maintenance, this striking hairstyle makes an impressive statement!

Crew Cut

A classic crew cut is an eye-catching style for boys with thin hair. This cut can be styled in numerous ways and requires less upkeep than other looks, making this look ideal. This hairstyle features a low fade on the sides and back of the head with an easily manageable pompadour on top. All it requires to create this look is some gel for styling purposes!

Bro Flow

Flow is an ideal style for men looking to show off their hair. Versatile enough for both work and social occasions, this cut requires minimal grooming and is easy to style. Men with straight strands may find it easier to achieve this look, but it also works well when worn wavy. A carefree vibe is conveyed when gently brushing back.

Undercut with a Hard Part

Adding a hard part to your hairstyle will give it a modern and energetic appearance while drawing attention to your facial features and eyebrows with its clean line. Complex functions are shaved lines that adorn the sides, creating a distinction between your longer top and shorter or shaven sides. They look great with any men’s fade haircut, such as low, high, or skin. Style your hair in this chic combination of a tricky part and pompadour for a modern and striking look that requires regular upkeep to look its best. This look requires regular attention for optimal results.

Faux Hawk and Hair Design

The spiky faux hawk is an eye-catching hairstyle perfect for many occasions. This look pairs particularly well with black blazers and sequined dresses, perfect for adding flair to a boy’s wardrobe. Long faux hawks can be styled into casual and more formal looks by layering in a combover or creating a sleek mullet for more formal events. However, this style requires regular upkeep, so it is best suited for boys who can devote themselves to taking care of their locks.

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles always stay in style and make an excellent statement for men who desire something different from the classic medium-length cut with neatly brushed bangs. An elevated fade with spiky locks is perfect for men who wish to stand out in any given crowd, making this style easy to wear casually and stand out. Ample products should be used when styling this look successfully.

Surfer Haircut

For an effortless yet stylish style, why not try the surfer haircut? Perfect for long and medium-length locks, it is often wavy or messy with waves, making this haircut attractive to surfers. This style works best with a low skin fade and natural twist, while it pairs nicely with either a side-swept bun or bob.

Drop Fade with a Quiff

This style is the perfect way to showcase your hair texture while looking sophisticated. Utilizing defining gel or pomade can help achieve this look, making this ideal for casual outings with friends or at the office. This quiff fade style is ideal for boys seeking to project an elegant yet sophisticated appearance. Combining pompadour elegance with a skin fade sophistication, this look looks particularly significant on thicker locks.

Middle Parting

Gen Z has declared side parts obsolete and middle parting their go-to style for hair parting. Middle parting works beautifully across hair length and texture types and is easier to achieve on wavy locks for an unstructured and laid-back aesthetic. Add curtain bangs or center-parted fringe for an eye-catching style that frames the face. A dab of pomade provides extra shine and a firm hold.

High and Tight

The high and tight military cut is an easy-to-manage military cut that features extremely short sides with only a thin portion of hair on top. This style works for any hair texture! This style version adds an updated, contemporary spin by featuring a gradual mid-fade for an edgier yet still polished look. This provides more relaxed styling while still achieving that crisp appearance.