How to Style Pixie Hair

When it comes to styling pixie hair, numerous options are available to you. From sleek styles with minimal texture or formal styles – there is something perfect for everyone.

1. Create Volume

No matter your hair goals, whether they include thicker-looking locks or simply creating the illusion of more volume, there are multiple strategies you can employ to boost the texture of a pixie cut. One such method is opting for a layered style, as layers support each other to ensure fuller-looking strands for longer.

Try styling a long pixie with bangs for added volume and a face-framing effect, perfect for evening outings. Spray some hairspray before leaving the house!

If you want a sleek, wet-look pixie cut like Halsey’s, follow her lead and wet your hair before working a small amount of shine-boosting serum into each strand before combing through and spraying a quick amount of hairspray on top.

2. Make Your Bangs Look Piecey

Pixie hair with plenty of height up front is a fun, edgy style that exudes rock-and-roll appeal, like that worn by Kerry Washington or Lupita Nyong. To create this look, curl your locks using a thin iron before running your fingers through them to separate them. Add some bobby pins for stability and finish the style with hairspray for lasting hold.

Styling wax can also help add texture to a pixie cut by giving your locks an instant dose of sexiness. Be careful not to overdo it – too much build-up could ruin the entire look!

3. Make Your hair Look Soft

With a short pixie cut, it can be challenging to achieve soft-looking locks. You can employ various methods to do this, one being styling wax – which works by adding volume and texture.

A volumizing spray is another effective way to give your fairy a soft look. This product will give your locks more fullness without looking excessive.

Use teasing powder for an effortless, casual, and relaxed look – this style will keep your locks in place throughout the day!

4. Create a Side Part

This soft pixie style may be ideal if you prefer soft yet subtle tones. Add face-framing pieces at the top while leaving short lengths around the back and sides for an adorable and chic look.

This look will showcase its texture and movement if your hair has natural waves. Create airy curls using a flat iron and finish with some hairspray for an effortlessly stylish look.

Bring on some serious rock ‘n’ roll vibes by pairing an adorable side-swept pixie with a bleached faux-hawk for some serious rock and roll inspiration. After blow-drying hair, smooth it down using American Crew Defining Paste PS15 (for easy styling!) and some hairspray. Finish the look off by incorporating eye-catching details, such as edgy headbands or vintage brooches turned into clips to complete this unique look.

5. Make Your hair Look Voluminous

Are you seeking an eye-catching way to add volume and dimension to your pixie haircut? Consider adding waves. Doing this will create full and volumized locks while also appearing more flattering. Curl your hair using a thin curling iron and run your fingers through them to separate their coils!

Pixie hairstyles may have the reputation of only being suitable for mature women, but these shortcuts can still look fantastic when styled correctly and appropriately. Just know how to style it properly so it looks fabulous.

This feathered blonde pixie is both soft and feminine yet still boasts some edge due to the short sides and sideburns. The face-framing bangs add romance and whimsy, while its spiky layers and length contrast create drama and power in its look.