Strawberry Blonde Hair With Highlights

Elegant Style for Special Events

Strawberry blonde hair with highlights is a stylish choice for any special occasion. This elegant look will make you stand out whether you prefer wavy or straight hair.

Ombre Technique for Stunning Locks

The ombre technique is a great way to create stunning strawberry blonde locks. It’s perfect for those who don’t want a dark brown base color and works well on all hair lengths.

Lighter Strawberry Blonde

Delightful Classic Hue

Light strawberry blonde hair is a classic and delightful shade. It complements any skin tone and creates a sun-kissed effect. Ideal for women with lighter complexions who want to add warmth to their appearance.

Subtle Ombre Style

If bold strawberry blonde is too intimidating, try an ombre style with darker roots that gradually lighten to reveal lighter strawberry tones. This style works on most face shapes and is incredibly stunning with wavy hair.

Color Protection Tips

To maintain the depth and shine of strawberry blonde hair, use shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for color-treated hair. This will keep your hair vibrant and healthy-looking.

Deeper and More Dramatic

Consider a reddish-tinged version of strawberry blonde that flatters fair skin tones for a deeper look. Baby lights or richer strawberry highlights can add subtlety or drama depending on your desired effect.

Mixing in Brown Hues

Another approach is to go lighter with your highlights and incorporate brown hues. This creates an attractive strawberry blonde shade that blends well with natural brown roots, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups.

Muted Strawberry Blonde

Try a light brown-based hue with warm red tones for a more muted strawberry blonde that doesn’t lean too pink. This shade works well with brown skin tones and is a lower maintenance—style with loose waves to showcase the beautiful blend of colors.


Venetian blonde is an eye-catching combination of blonde and red tones, adding an exciting twist to strawberry blonde. Suitable for most skin tones, style your hair into loose curls for a sun-kissed look or leave it straight for a relaxed style.

Bolder Version with Auburn Highlights

Add red highlights for a bold and striking version of strawberry blonde. This rich, dark hue falls between blonde and brown tones, making a powerful statement. It looks beautiful against both fair and dark skin tones.

Seamless Transitional Look

Achieve a seamless transitional look with a stunning strawberry blonde balayage. It transitions seamlessly into blonde hues, starting with lighter strawberry tones at the roots. Showcase the beautiful textures with loose waves or texturizing spray.


Pink Champagne Shade

Strawberry blonde’s pink champagne shade is a captivating choice for pale complexions. It enhances blue or green eyes and looks lovely with delicate styles like fishtail braids. Short-haired women can also benefit from the depth and dimension it adds.

Golden Copper Tones

If platinum blond isn’t your style, golden copper tones offer a rich strawberry hue with more warmth. It provides an opportunity to lighten your hair without going full red. Ideal for dark-haired women seeking an alternative look.

Blush Strawberry Blonde Ombre

Try a blush strawberry blonde ombre for a more subdued version of the color trend. This hue features soft peach and vanilla tones, highlighting natural beauty. Style your hair straight or curled for a stylish look.