Standard Poodle Haircuts

Garrett enjoys writing about all things dog and is particularly fond of standard poodles – which he considers excellent family dogs.

Lion Cut

Lion cuts are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Giving your poodle a lamb-like appearance, these cuts make an excellent summer choice as the shorter hair length allows it to keep them more relaxed. Giving your poodle this haircut will require shaving its back and stomach in an even circle, shaving around its knees to form “poms” of hair at its knees, and shaping its tail afterward.

English Cut

This style, also called the cupcake cut due to its resemblance to a muffin top, maybe less well known but can still be very stylish and easy for Poodle parents to administer at home. This cut involves shaving your poodle’s face, neck, and waist in a band shape before styling their fur into pop-out poms. It is one of the two American Kennel Club-approved show dog cuts.

Continental Cut

The jacket and pants cut (a fifth avenue or bolero cut) is one of the more unique poodle haircuts. In essence, its primary feature consists of shaving both its face and feet while leaving its legs and tail long and styled for maximum effect. The Teddy Bear Cut is another variation of this style. It features uniform-length hair throughout its body for an adorable roundness and longer facial locks that give a cuddly, cuddly feel to your poodle’s appearance.