Spring Haircuts That Will Turn Heads This Season

Add new life to your strands this spring by asking your stylist for one of these trendy styles. Ranging from an iconic Rachel cut with fringe to a butterfly-esque layered bob haircut; these springtime looks will turn heads this season!

The ’90s Rachel Cut

Jennifer Aniston made the Rachel haircut famous on Friends, sparking a fashion craze that is currently experiencing a revival. Sofia Richie and Renee Zellweger have recently featured this voluminous shoulder-length cut with face-framing layers as an iconic look.

The “Cub Cut”

This spring 2023 hair trend, often known as its cool sister, the Wolf Cut, focuses on adding movement and texture to your locks. According to Brooks’ definition, this “bob style combines last season’s mullet and shag with soft, seamless layers for an informal but fuller appearance.”

The “Fun Bob”

For springtime fun, ask your stylist about adding the Sicilian bob. This style features feathery ends instead of tight inward curves for an eye-catching effect that works exceptionally well when combined with fringe. “It’s an adorable way to keep your locks out of your face and can be worn with so many cute accessories!” says stylist Chris Jones.

The “Imperfect Bob”

There’s nothing like a new season to revitalize your hairstyle! Spring cleaning, blooming flowers, and significant hair trends (such as wolf cuts and ’90s layers ) are popular; it is time to schedule an appointment with a stylist and give your locks some new life! Consider trying the textured bob if you want an effortless style with minimal upkeep.