Sporty Hairstyles For Working Out

As you work out, your hair requires an appropriate style that stays put while looking chic and trendy. There are plenty of stylish options that meet these criteria and you should find something suitable!

Low Pigtails

Low pigtails are an essential sports-inspired hairstyle that are great for running or competitions. Try this braided version for a retro ’90s-style look!

Messy Bun

The messy bun is an elegant hairstyle with endless creative potential. Perfect for casual or formal events alike, its easy styling makes this timeless style appear effortless.

Adding texture can elevate any messy bun. To achieve this, try the ORIBE hair CARE Dry Texturizing Spray; perfect for second-day locks as it adds extra volume.

Assemble your hair into a loose ponytail without tightening it fully. Next, wrap a few strands around the base of your ponytail for an airy fanned effect – repeat this step for all of your locks before applying a light misting of hairspray and you’re set!

Braided Bun

This braided bun is an effective protective style to keep hair out of your face and away from little hands. Celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend added his own touch by French-braiding Dakota Johnson’s ballerina bun style by French braiding underneath her look.

For added shine and flyaway control, spritz your locks with serum or oil before styling to add extra sheen and smooth out flyaways. Braids are an easy and stylish way to add texture and volume to your hair, and this braided bun proves it. Each twist goes in its own direction for an adorable bun that will surely turn heads.

If you want to take this look a step further, try adding texturizing powder or dry shampoo, pulling apart the braids to form wider, bigger braids. While it might look complicated at first glance, this method is actually very straightforward and looks gorgeous while keeping your locks from feeling weighted down!

Fishtail Braid

This cute and flirty braid adds a flirtatious flair to any look, elevating even a laidback outfit such as jeans and T-shirt into something more fashionable. Perfect for casual outings with friends or shopping at the mall. This braid can even come in handy while having some ice cream.

At its heart, this style is deceptively easy. Simply divide your hair into two even sections and grab one in both hands; from there, grab small sections from outside one half section and cross them over into the second half while keeping their original comb direction.

Continue this process until you’ve added in several inches of new hair. When finished with each section, secure them with clear elastic (we like BLAX Clear Snag-Free hair Elastics). For a fuller braid look, pull gently at the sides and use hairspray as needed to set.


As you exercise at the gym, your main goals may include burning calories and keeping healthy. But if fashion trends matter to you too, there are many chic hairstyles that won’t compromise your workout while still keeping strands out of your way.

If you have an exciting weekend of snow sports planned, nothing beats sleek double braids to keep your mane in place and focus on skiing instead of styling your hair! They sit perfectly under your helmet or hat, so you can concentrate on skiing without distraction.

A classic ponytail is an effortless sporty hairstyle, easy to recreate. She added interest by creating three evenly spaced buns and pressing her baby hair down. This look works for women of all ages looking for stylish yet comfortable styling at once, particularly useful if your bangs or layers make traditional ponytails difficult to tuck into place.