Solid Hair Colors

If you want to emulate Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family or Jenna Ortega from A Star Is Born, this deceptively bold demi-permanent shade is necessary. Packed with true-to-color pigments and providing immense shine, this demi-permanent hue could be just what you need to make an impression about who you are.

Ideal for clients looking to cover grays and make dramatic changes in their base color, this product provides excellent coverage.

Full Color

Full-color services use single-process services to transform your hair into one solid shade, ideal for clients seeking drastic transformation or gray coverage with permanent solutions. Full-head color can come in various shades; be sure to bring photos of colors you like so your stylist can understand precisely how your desired results will appear.

Springtime is an ideal opportunity to try sherbet ombre hair dyeing, an updated version of Kool-Aid DIY dyeing that features bright pops of color at your ends, from blended reverse ombre to solid blocks of hues. Use color-safe shampoo and conditioner between touch-ups to protect your locks!

Partial Highlights

Highlights can be an effective way to add color without going for an extensive hair change, yet choosing the appropriate technique can be daunting. There are so many types of highlighting available that it may take time to determine which will work for your unique style.

Partial highlights involve lightening only specific sections of hair (think Lily Aldridge’s sandy blonde highlights) to achieve framing effects and brighten up areas around your face, providing framing results while lessening damage and cost by not bleaching all over. This technique requires less damage, maintenance, and overall costs since only selected portions must be breached.

Your stylist may use the balayage technique to apply partial highlights, which differs from traditional foiling because highlights are hand-painted into each strand for a natural, gradual effect. It’s particularly suitable for curly or wavy locks to help accentuate their natural texture while creating volume.

Weaved Highlights

Are you looking to add some flair to your hair color? Ask your stylist about foil age. This technique uses foils to help lighten strands for an eye-catching ombre effect without the rapid washout time of complete head bleaching.

Darker tones such as copper or cinnamon brown can be enhanced with ribbons of lighter colors to create a soft ombre style that looks natural and flattering, as well as providing an effective way of breaking up an otherwise rich bronde shade.

If you love the concept of highlights and lowlights but fear committing to double-process blonde, consider opting for a base break or high-lift color instead. This method will give your pieces lighter hues without all the added maintenance with bleach and highlights; remember, it may take several visits and product.

Black Hair

Black hair may not be as versatile as its colored counterparts, but that doesn’t stop you from exploring different shades. A timeless pairing for dark locks is blue and black hair: vibrant blue will brighten your complexion, while black adds visual interest that stands out. Style it with dramatic accessories like cat eyes and red lipstick for maximum impact!

For a subtler approach, opt for a honey-brown shade that leans more toward brunette than blonde. Not only is this trendsetting shade modern and fashionable, but it can also match many skin tones perfectly and remains easy to maintain – even on your black locks if appropriately styled!

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