Choosing the Right Shade of Solid Brown Hair Color

A solid brown hair color suits every complexion, from deep, rich tones to sweet honey highlights. Warm shades (amber and caramel) tend to complement warm undertones, while cool hues such as chestnut or ash brown can accentuate cooler ones; neutral hues may work either way. Add highlights, or wear a soft balayage for solid brown hair to stand out! We have plenty of celebrity examples here to inspire you.

Deep Brown Brunette on Layered Curly Hair

Choose this sweet brownie shade on your wavy hair for an effortless look that remains polished. The dark brown balayage blends seamlessly with your natural waves for a beachy vibe; morenas who have textured cuts also benefit from using a product such as Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Color Revive Ultra Conditioner when styling their locks to keep their coils looking their best.

Dark-skinned Filipinas can make a striking statement with rich chocolate tones and honey-blonde highlights, especially when accented by Olaplex’s No One formula highlights. Ask your stylist to use a color-safe highlight formula like Olaplex No 1 to not damage their strands and achieve maximum impact from this look.

Brunette hair often receives the stigma of being dull, yet this versatile shade can be pretty dynamic. All it takes to find shades that complement your complexion is flipping your wrist over and looking at its veins – green means warm undertones, while blue suggests cool undertones.

Dark Caramel Brown on Medium Length Hair

Balayage can be an easy and effective way to add lighter highlights when styling naturally dark hair. Just be sure to choose a shade within two shades lighter or darker than your natural color so your roots won’t show as quickly. When using permanent or semi-permanent dye, always conduct a strand test before covering all of your head in one application.

Caramel highlights are an effortless way to create a light and airy look on medium-length hair, especially if your style features face-framing layers in its form. Add some reddish caramel hues for an irresistibly toasty hue! To achieve the subtle ombre effect, your stylist will lift mid-lengths and ends using Blondor Complex 9% before applying Koleston Perfect 8/96 8/38 with 1.9% developer as a gloss to neutralize lightener use and give your locks a stunning sheen.

Deep Cocoa Brown on Short Bobbed Hair

Chocolate brown hues are mysterious and sensual, yet they can take it further by adding highlights. Consider pairing a warm brown color with subtle blonde highlights for an inherently vibrant effect that still looks natural. A warm chocolate brown balayage would look fantastic on olive skin-toned people and pair well with face-framing layers on a bob haircut!

Light caramel brown hues offer an appealing alternative for brunettes looking to upgrade their look with more golden tones. Perfect for medium-length hairstyles such as wavy or straight styles. Create an elegant and unique style by adding turquoise or pink highlights for an iced effect on chocolate brown hair, creating an iced effect with turquoise or pink highlights, long wavy hair, and fall/winter appropriate colors. Or, for something more versatile with soft gray-blonde balayage throughout all four seasons – try a neutral chocolate brown hue with soft gray-blonde balayage instead.

Soft Brunette Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

If you want a natural-looking update without significant changes, ask your stylist for subtle balayage highlights in brown hues. This way, your natural brunette color can remain while adding lighter highlights that refresh and create dimension for your hairstyle.

If your hair is dark chocolate, your stylist can use warmer tones to lighten it since these hues tend to lift first. This way, you’ll avoid damage to your strands while enjoying that iconic brunette glow!

If you have cool-toned brunette hair, your stylist can use warm mocha or coffee shades to highlight it for an impressive and natural-looking balayage that will set off primary brunette goals for 2023. Add this hue with a deep side part and long wavy locks for the full effect of this new hue!