A Guide to Blonde hair Colors

Take your fairy to the next level with this warm blonde hue featuring both ashy and golden tones. Make sure that when visiting a colorist, he or she uses bond-builders and purple shampoo to prevent brassiness in this shade.

Sandy blonde hair colors evoke the delicate hues of grains of sand, providing an appealing backdrop to pearly complexions and pairing perfectly with balayage highlights. Add pastel pink or baby blue hues for an unexpected twist!

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is one of the lightest shades, making it suitable for most skin tones. Although, generally, fair to cool complexions tend to look best with this hue, platinum can also look stunning on pinkish faces.

Consider this dark-to-light platinum ombre for an inverted bob that’s both bold and chic. You’ll love its subtle transition from natural gray to icy platinum blonde with silvery shine – an exquisite effect.

This ice blonde with warm beige highlights is ideal for a beachy aesthetic. The combination of warmer and cooler tones creates a seamless dimension that’s easy on the eyes, perfect for framing the face with long side bangs that show off the texture in your strands. Though regular lighting will require additional maintenance, damage prevention measures like sleeping with an Olaplex mask and using Olaplex may preserve its integrity over time.

Dark Blonde

Dark blonde is the ideal base color for intricate balayage or sun-kissed ombre designs, as its warm and cool shades add dimension and flatter most skin tones.

Gone are the days of perfectly dyed platinum strands being the only style trend; now, grunge blonde – a darker take on the balayage trend – is making its debut. This stunning and daring hue pairs well with loose beach waves for an eye-catching look.

Dark blondes can look stylish when styled with face-framing highlights. Ask your colorist to give you a medium-dark blonde shade that fades flawlessly from roots to ends for an attractive balayage that requires little maintenance and grows out quickly. The result will be an elegant style perfect for summertime adventures and a sun-kissed glow!


If you want to take the next step from blonde but are wary of going full gray, consider asking your stylist to create a two-tone look with charcoal grey roots and lengths blending with layers of white-silver highlights for an appealing two-tone effect that works particularly well on cool complexions.

This shimmering shade complements light to medium complexions with its calm, pearlescent tone, making it an exceptional way to add sophistication or transform existing looks with icy flair.

Dark gray lowlights offer a soft and subtle style to give your locks dimension while adding vibrancy. A great alternative to highlights, this technique works for those with natural or dyed brown hair – remember to use a violet-toned shampoo to help preserve its color and avoid brassiness!


Bronde may be needed when you want something different but need more time to prepare for platinum blonde. This hair color blend features brown, dirty blonde, and silver highlights – making it suitable for every season and occasion.

Attaining the ideal bronde hair color requires selecting a rich and golden shade – not brassy or orangey. A colorist can achieve this look by adding intense blonde highlights to your natural brunette base color.

Another way to achieve the look is with a balayage technique. Your stylist will carefully highlight thin strands with bleach before covering them with your desired hue for an approachable and natural-looking blonde shade that complements all skin tones.

Cool Blonde

No matter if you are a natural blonde hoping to subtly alter your hue or a brunette looking to undergo a complete change, finding the ideal tone is essential to creating the perfect blonde style! This guide covers all essentials plus offers some helpful extra inspiration!

Incredible blonde is the ideal fall shade, lightening and fading more slowly than its warm blonde counterpart.

Welcome your inner “All-American Girl” with a luxurious flaxen blonde! This naturally beautiful hue blends buttery, honey, and golden tones to suit medium complexions with lighter eye colors.