Solid Blonde hair Colors

Solid blonde hues may look flat with little depth or dimension; to avoid this effect, have your colorist add lowlights for added dimension. Cool tones work best for paler skin tones, while olive complexions may benefit from warming tones like caramel blonde. This golden shade is especially fitting for those with blue and green eyes.

Naked Blonde

If you’re going blonde for the first time and looking to start on the right foot, a lived-in blond color may be your ideal starting point. This hue combines subtle wheat or “dirt” tones with incredible platinum blonde to achieve an authentic, attractive shade that looks natural against any complexion. Golden blonde highlights blend with buttery brown lowlights for an exquisite multidimensional effect in this stunning balayage, creating an ultra-glam finish. Dark roots with blonde locks styled loosely in loose waves give off a rocker chic aesthetic when styled this way. Pair this ash blonde shade with neutral makeup and minimalist fashion for an eye-catching look, and add bold lipstick colors or statement chokers for an even more significant impact.

Dirty Blonde

Dirty blonde is an eye-catching hue stylists often describe as being in between blonde and brown tones, mixing golden caramel hues with lighter strawberry highlights that work to complement both warm and cool skin tones equally well. For those hesitant to bleach all of their hair light, this shade provides an easy alternative that their colorist can adjust and tailor to meet individual needs. Furthermore, its darker shade helps blend naturally with naturally dark roots for an entirely natural appearance. A balayage composed of light and dark shades is the most flattering way to wear it, as the contrast between its dark roots and lighter blonde will elongate your face and draw attention away from any flaws or flaws in your facial structure. This style looks particularly lovely on ladies with green or blue eyes; however, it suits people of all eye colors well.

Sandy Blonde

Cool sandy blonde hues feature neutral tan tones reminiscent of beach colors, creating a natural appearance. A stylist can achieve this shade using golden and ashy tones combined for the best results. This multi-tonal look recalls California sunsets and works well for most skin tones. It provides an ideal alternative to icy platinum and works best on women with light eyes. Attaining this shade requires either balayage or foils and may take multiple sessions. Once achieved, however, maintaining this color requires touch-ups every 4 to 6 months due to lightening hair much lighter than its original shade – something Wellaplex Opens in a new window can make much simpler and faster!

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is a timeless classic that works beautifully with any skin tone. To achieve the ideal platinum shade, try bleaching your hair using Ugly Duckling’s Brilliant Blondexx (ensuring you use a toner afterward for streak-free results) until you reach a flawless effect. If your hair has naturally dark roots, pre-lightening the roots before bleaching will likely be necessary before bleaching the rest of your locks. While this process might cost money and time, the results are outstanding! Light platinum shades with subtle pink undertones work beautifully for warm and cool complexions, complementing green eyes beautifully and offering the opportunity to showcase feminine charm.

Naked Brown

Natural-looking light brown shades are great for balancing cool skin tones, with this reddish-brown blend blending warm and cool tones for an appealing rosy blonde rosette that captures light beautifully. However, regular toning or glossing with purple shampoo or toner to prevent brassiness from setting in is necessary to maintain such hues. Ask your stylist to use rose gold balayage on your locks for an effortless style with minimal upkeep requirements. This hue offers a natural transition from roots to blonde that could increase the time between salon visits. Nude brunettes show another excellent way to explore the blonde trend without being too dramatic. This shade, which veers more toward the sandy blonde, boasts total volume and subtle sparkles to perfectly complement and frame your face.