Small Afro Hairstyles to Rock

1. Twist Side:

This hairstyle is a quick way to boost your natural form’s volume and variation by twisting up its front or back section. Plus, it makes for an easy wash-day look!

Modern Pinup:

Try this style if you want a modern take on classic pinup hair. The natural strands atop and smoothed sides create an excellent balance while adding grey tones adds dimension and brings vintage meets modern charm!

Bold and Modern Chic:

If you’re bored of the same old side-parted afro, try this style. With its deep side part and laid edges, this look stands out as bold and modern chic. Add baby lights to accentuate the jawline while showing off the curl pattern. A spray bottle will help refresh strands throughout the day and lock in moisture for two-strand twist looks!

2. Finger Waves:

Finger waves are among the most accessible and most timeless afro hairstyles to pull off. Wear them with braids like Amandla Stenberg or with a ponytail like Rihanna; either way, this retro-inspired style is sure to leave an impression. Their revival in the 90s propelled it back onto the beauty scene; now, Zendaya can often be found wearing them with pride!

Chic Mid-Length:

For those with shorter locks, this chic mid-length finger waved style looks lovely worn with a plain T-shirt or dress for any special occasion. To achieve this look, create a side part using your tail comb to divide your hair into two sections and clip off the bottom half with clips. Press your middle finger through the section above the clip before sliding your comb out an inch and pinching with your index finger until the shaping ridge is complete, and then comb through to tips – repeat until your desired number of rows are created.

3. Canerows:

Cornrows are an elegant style that allows textured hair to shine while providing protection. From straight rows to more complex patterns like zig-zags, cornrows provide versatility when worn as an elegant protective style for all hair types. Tyra Banks wears this hairstyle under her lace front wigs for an elegant appearance.

Simple and Eye-Catching:

This style is ideal for type 4 hair and provides a simple yet eye-catching style, suitable for girls who only have a little time or effort to style their locks. Janelle Monae has inspired this stylish way of sporting her mini afro. Combining micro cornrows, extensions, and braids into an intricate boho braid creates a bohemian aesthetic, while her deep side part emphasizes her facial features.

4. Slick Back:

If you need more time to commit to an intricate updo, a simple, slick back can look just as eye-catching. Spritz the hair with some leave-in conditioner before brushing and pin back the top layer for a fashionable finish. This style makes an excellent way to look professional on the way to work; just skim through and pin for an instant style boost that will stay put all day long!

Side Part with Skin Fade:

Add some drama with a side part with skin fade to display your lush afro. This combination is both elegant and bold – the ideal style for men looking to draw attention when walking down the street!

Elegant and Feminine:

Try pinning your hair into a small roll above the temples instead for an elegant and feminine alternative to an afro puff. This androgynous look adds height and definition to any face shape while emphasizing cheekbones for instant glamor in any outfit. Be sure to use high-quality hold products for optimal results!