How to Use a Silver Rinse For Grey Hair

Dying your hair grey is a popular trend and can create beautiful shades such as silver, platinum, or even gunmetal. But to maintain such beautiful cool tones on your locks takes some care and upkeep.

An effective way to maintain cool-toned blonde or light grey locks, silver rinses contain purple pigments, which eliminate yellow tones from your locks.

Gray hair needs special care to remain smooth, healthy, and vibrant. Unfortunately, gray locks tend to dry out more than other varieties and often become wiry and curly, but there are natural solutions that can restore their shine.

Apple cider vinegar can be one of the most effective solutions for gray hair. Renowned for its many health benefits, apple cider vinegar can help prevent the yellowing of gray locks by balancing out their pH level on both the scalp and hair.

Mix equal parts ACV and water in a spray bottle and spray this solution over your hair and scalp after shampooing, leaving it on for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly with water. Use this remedy once weekly for best results and lightening its color and refining its tone.

Many websites claim that applying coconut oil and lemon juice to grey hair will turn it back black again, but this is just an Internet hoax, and you should avoid falling victim.

Lemon juice’s citric acid can temporarily lighten your overall hair tone but will not reverse any greying processes or restore its original hue. Unfortunately, however, it will dry out your locks, making them more vulnerable to sun and other forms of damage.

If you want to try coloring grey hair, it is wise to consult a professional stylist or trichologist who can advise on which shades of silver would achieve the results that best suit you. For natural-looking results, start with a light blonde or platinum shade; celebrity colorist Liz Cunnane-Phillips suggests creating there for the best results. To prevent brassiness, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that protect against chlorine deposits in water sources as a safeguard.

As your greying locks take on yellow or brassy tones, a silver toner for hair can help counteract unwanted warmth in its color. Available as shampoo or in-salon treatments.

Oranges are rich in Vitamin C. According to nutritionist Frida Harju-Westman, oranges and other citrus fruits may help delay grey hair by increasing collagen protein production and delaying its degradation.

She recommends eating amla (Indian gooseberry), which contains vitamin C to prevent premature greying and antioxidants that balance pitta dosha while combatting dandruff.

Add equal parts rhubarb root, calendula flowers, saffron threads, and sunflower seeds in boiling water and boil before straining and rinsing it over your grey locks to neutralize yellowness and brassiness. This recipe works on light to medium blonde shades and platinum, brown, and dark gray locks – providing an inexpensive yet toxic-free solution to bleach gray locks!

Gray hair can become dry and brittle over time, so to start your care regimen properly, you should start by using a moisturizing shampoo and then supplementing this with a nourishing conditioner every week or so to keep it looking shiny and healthy. Brushing daily also helps distribute natural oils from your scalp down through each strand to maintain its look shiny.

One of the best products to help achieve and maintain a beautiful silver tone is a color-depositing shampoo like Joico’s Serie Expert Silver Shampoo, which contains violet pigments to act as semi-permanent dyes on your strands to neutralize yellow hues and impart a beautiful silver hue. Gentle enough for daily use and packed with ingredients like lotus flower extracts that add softness and broom flowers that improve blood circulation on your scalp, this product contains all-around nourishment to achieve and maintain an ideal toned appearance!

Light blonde, platinum, and natural grey are excellent starting points when dying your hair silver; these colors work the best at covering up any grey streaks or blotches that may exist in your locks. You may even achieve an elegant silvery blue tone on dark hair with the appropriate products and treatments!