Hairstyles That Look Great on You

Layered Haircut

This haircut suits everyone, especially when worn straight. It adds lightness to curly hair without making it thin or limp.

Short Haircuts

Short haircuts can complement any face shape. Pixie or bob styles are remarkably versatile and flattering. An angled or feathered cut, curly sections, or spiked-up hair can create a striking, low-maintenance look.

Medium Haircuts

Medium hair lengths offer a compromise between long and short styles. A layered medium haircut adds texture and volume to thin or delicate locks. A sleek and straight medium bob looks chic and sophisticated. Adding highlights, balayage, or ombre color can add dimension. Those with wavy hair can try a shaggy lob or tousled layers.

Long Layers

Long layers can give wavy hair shape and volume. Soft waves with layers framing the face can enhance the beauty of naturally curly locks. Long layers are also helpful in styling thick hair, reducing bulkiness. Pairing layers with warm honey-blonde tones can create a stunning look.

Short Layers

Short layers work well with any hair length. They can give the hair a jagged edge or a textured and feathery look. Layers can lengthen the face and add texture, movement, and volume to short haircuts. Short-layered styles are versatile and can be styled for formal and casual occasions. They also complement various hair colors, including highlights, lowlights, balayage, and dark hues, creating contrast and dimension.