5 Hairstyles For Medium-Length Natural Curly Hair

Gwen Stefani knows it’s best to embrace her gorgeously voluminous curly locks rather than fight them. She opts for this extended layered shag cut that beautifully frames her face and embraces them rather than fighting them. To achieve this style, use a nourishing sulfate-free shampoo to help maintain healthy, bouncy curls. Also, try side-parting your strands for added visual impact!

The shaggy hairstyle that was fashionable during the 70s is returning today. This cut features lots of layers with various lengths for an undone, textured effect that works for casual or edgy wear; perfect for medium curly locks as it produces lots of volume without being too weighted down by layers. Add bangs to frame and soften the look, as a middle part works particularly well to draw attention to your eyes and enhance the structure of your face shape. Choose between full or piecey bangs depending on what works for you! To achieve a romantic and feminine style with shoulder-length curly hair, try pinning half back using Dove Style Care Curls Defining Mousse while leaving one side open – this style will highlight your curls while standing out in any crowd; particularly flattering are women with round or heart-shaped faces.

Angelic hair is a style inspired by fairy tales that is ideal for adding a magical element to any look. Featuring golden blonde and champagne colored strands that recall Fra Angelico’s paintings of his mysterious, ethereal haloes. Angelic hair Design in Novato offers expert angel hair services. Their team of dedicated hair lovers is committed to making clients look their best while adhering to local COVID-19 regulations for safety. This company also offers various hair services, such as coloring, straightening and perming.

Double buns (commonly referred to as puffs or pompoms) are an adorable and straightforward way to style curly locks. Perfect for medium length natural hair, double buns add femininity and hold curls in place while keeping curls under control. Similar to braiding techniques, create two mini-pigtails on center-parted locks and loosely wrap elastics around them before pinning together at the base of your neck for this style. If you want to go all-out, use flat hairpins to tame unruly baby hairs sticking out from chignons with flat hairpins, then create an eye-catching side part in front. Finish it off with flexible hairspray for extra drama – this look works best on second or third day hair and even better when combined with faded cuts like those seen on Janelle Monae!

Finger waves offer clients looking for a protective style with less structure a stylish option. First popularized by Josephine Baker and Claudette Colbert in the 1920s, today this vintage trend can be found among current trendsetters such as Rhianna and Zendaya. To achieve the look, comb through gel-dampened hair using a rat-tail comb and create a deep side part. James suggests using black-colored gel such as the Sacred Tiare hair Sheen which can nourish and protect hair during its protective phase. Next, start creating the waved texture with index fingers and a small rat-tail comb. Work from front to back while shaping each wave with your fingers as you go down each strand. For added structure between waves, place duckbill clips between them if desired – leaving enough time for dry time before using hairspray to hold in place!