How to Style Shoulder Curly Hair With a chin-length cut

There are endless styling possibilities.

Layers help distribute volume evenly while giving shape to an unruly mane.

For an elegant romantic look

Try Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s face-framing style of choppy layers complemented by caramel highlights to complete her romantic style.

Additionally, pull your hair back into a loose bun or chignon which would look beautiful at a wedding!

Half-Up Hairstyles

Half-up half-down hairstyles are timeless classics that never go out of fashion.

Not only is this look easy and elegant for formal occasions, it’s also a great way to highlight your natural texture or add fun with twists or braiding patterns that fit your personality!

For a casual evening out

Pull half your strands up into a topknot or ponytail and let the other half cascade freely down your back.

This simple look looks good on all hair types, while providing an opportunity to showcase makeup or accessories you love.

For an extra dramatic touch

Add two space buns to your half-up style for an instantaneous upgrade in just five minutes!

It instantly elevates any beauty style, works on any hair length, and allows you to play around with bun placement from temples or ears for various effects.

Wild Curly Hair

Making waves chic and mature with shoulder curly hair can be achieved easily using a simple ponytail.

Secure it just above your ears and use your fingers to pull half of it backward in a way that frames your face, leaving one side loose for an effortless natural look.

We suggest Dove Style Care Curls Defining Mousse as it gives extra definition and control to curls for the best results!

Medium length curly hair can be extremely versatile

And looks equally gorgeous when left loosely undone or sleeked back with loose, easy waves.

No matter if it is worn in large loose waves or tight rings and coils

This shoulder curly hair technique makes an impactful statement and pairs nicely with thin bangs for an aesthetic that embodies romance and femininity.

Brush Out Hairstyles

One of the easiest and most elegant ways to style shoulder curly hair is with a face-framing ponytail.

Simply secure half your curls into a high ponytail while leaving some loose to create this sleek and mature look.

Use Dove Style Care Curls Defining Mousse to control and polish your locks for maximum hold and an impeccable finish.

This classic and timeless style makes an impactful statement at any event, from prom night to spring garden parties.

Add a pop of color with single-process red single-process color, face-framing bang section that falls around nose-length bangs or even refined brushed-out curls as an accent piece

An easy way to make them stand out even further than Shirley Temple style ringlets!

Curly Balayage

Balayage is an effective coloring technique for curly hair that creates a natural-looking sun-kissed effect without needing to use foil wraps.

Foilyage adds another twist on this freehand technique by wrapping sections of curls in foil before coloring them

This ensures your dye does not soak into every strand and cause irreparable color damage.

Cool-hued balayage blends beautifully into a light brown base for this stunning shoulder curly hair look, creating a vibrant summery vibe!

Coppery hues play off of its natural golden tone to produce an eye-catching and glossy style!

Chunky balayage can help add dimension and bounce to bumper curls or natural coils on your client.

Although not for everyone, chunky balayage offers an engaging way of giving shoulder curly hair an exciting new look

Just make sure your colorist has experience highlighting curly locks for optimal results.