How to Style Shoulder Blade Length Hair

Medium Length Locks

Medium-length locks look beautiful no matter their texture – from straight locks to those with coils and curls!

Sleek Blunt Cut

A sleek blunt cut with warm blonde highlights will achieve a fresh, natural aesthetic.

Deep Side Parts

Deep side parts can be ideal for giving thick shoulder-length hair volume and movement and adding density to thin locks. A deep side part will also feign thickness for thin-haired people!

Shaggy Textured Bob

Ciara sports an elegant bob with an irresistibly tousled texture, perfectly framing her face while transitioning from dark blonde at its core to lighter blonde at the tips for an exquisite finish. An edgy fashionista looking for a statement look should try the layered shaggy bob, complete with tousled curtain bangs for maximum drama – it is especially suitable for thick or voluminous locks!

Lightly Textured Bob

Lightly textured with an adorable blunt fringe, this light textured bob is an inviting Parisian look. This style can be tailored to suit your face shape using various tools, including texturizing sprays and mousses.

Wavy Curls

Curly hair is stunningly gorgeous, especially in a shoulder-length cut. From loose 2A waves with open, tousled texture to more defined 2B curls with tight coils, wavy locks are easy to manage and require minimal upkeep – ensure that lightweight styling products don’t weigh down your coils! As an alternative to curling irons, try rolling your hair into small or medium-sized buns secured with bobby pins overnight for a heat-free curling solution that protects tresses from heat damage while adding some body to your mane. This technique may also add bounce and give your locks a fuller volume!

Warm Blonde Highlights

Try buttery warm blonde highlights on brown hair for a fresh, adorable look. This style adds depth and warmth while drawing out rosy skin tones. Balayage highlights can create the illusion of natural highlights, while highlight boxes offer even brighter highlights. Your warm blonde can benefit from fantasy shades like blues, greens, purples, or grays that perfectly suit her complexions – such as fantasy blues, greens, purples, or grays. Avoid red or orange highlights that create unbalanced contrast against her cool blonde base shade. To maintain her color properly and prevent fading over time, moisturize regularly with products designed to avoid this and use purple shampoo regularly to preserve cool tones.

Sleek Sleek Curls

For a glamorous yet sophisticated style, finger-waved curls offer the perfect mix of glamour. Influencer Logan Browning wears this look effortlessly to soften her jawline while maintaining old-school glamour—a slick crown and center part complete this ensemble. Curly hair can be challenging to manage, but strategically layering can simplify the task. Take Lea Seydoux, for instance; her rounded silhouette and center part highlight her natural ringlets beautifully. Keep hydrating heat protectant in your bag to touch up strays, and try our Frizz-Fighting Smoothing Cream to tame frizz and flyaways. Our Sleek Curly Italian Weave is also made with 100% human hair for salon quality authenticity – get one today to begin styling yourself!

Loose Curls

Loose curls may look effortless, but they require deliberate effort to achieve. This shoulder-length haircut is perfect for busy bees as it looks beautiful without too much effort on their part. Be sure to carry around dry shampoo spray in case your roots need refreshing, or you need help fluffing up heavy pieces! Deciphering your curl type and selecting tailored products are essential for healthy hair care. Ouidad offers an informative infographic that assists with this, guiding their numbered hair texture system and specific product recommendations to match them – for instance, if you have type 4a springy coils, they require thick natural creams to stay moisturized.